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So, there's a tournament coming up at the end of September, called the Infernal/Imperial Zoo tournament. The rules packet can be found here: Infernal Zoo - Home If you want to peruse them. Anyway, everyone is allowed a 500 point monstrous contingent ON TOP of their 2000 point list, mine will be a toad dragon for the record. I'm currently debating between using warriors or dark elves (which double the model count of warriors). So, this is the dark elf list I came up with:

Supreme Sorceress
-Dispel scroll
-Talisman of preservation
-Ruby ring (To battle regen. if I have to)
-Level 4
Dark magic (you get +5 is my thinking)

Death Hag
-Cauldron of blood
(she gets a 4+ ward and boosts the rest of her unit. I'm thinking about giving her a featherfoe torc as well since there will be a bunch of monsters that will likely fly.)
Note: house rule is cauldron's ward doesn't effect shooting attacks

37 Witch Elves

5 Dark Riders

5 Dark Riders
- Musician

(Chaff and frenzy protection, nothing more)

War Hydra
(hail hydra, why not bring another monster to a monster tournament?)

20 executioners
-Standard of discipline
(put sorceress here, nets me LD 10 and str 6 is good against monsters)

Repeater bolt thrower

Repeater bolt thrower

(they help with monster killing)

5 doom fire warlocks

I have 93 extra points so I was thinking 5 shades with great weapons, but those same points can be more dark riders, another bolt thrower, or a medusa. Thoughts on what to do?

What do you think of the list, the help is appreciated. :)

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for fighting monsters this list isn't half bad anything else i could do well though i think your excutioners unit is to small. Though i would say that house rule sucks your likely to loose your cauldren to a cannon which lets face it will be in alot of lists if your doing alot of monsters.
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