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445 lord
dark acolite
master of black arts
lord of death
the flayed hauberk
sword of striking
staf of damnation
black perlaps
+1 mag lvl

195 hero
avatar of death
dark acolite
sword of might
helm of comandment

155wight king
banner of borrow's
great sword

necromance 205
ivocation of nehek
Venhels danse macabre
the book of akran
corps cart+bale fire
---(3-4 poseble venhel dance casters)
(expensive yes but my hero's rock hard11 pouwer dice, 4 bound spels)


10 skeletons/spears +champion 98
10 skeletons/spears +champion 98
(protecting my flanks will get bigger)
10 skeletons/ 80<---nec+cart
(yust to keep my necromance safe and fill the 3 core units)
5 dogs 40
5 dogs 40
(flank/rear charges and mess up march)


14 grave gards champion+flag 192<--- lord
14 grave gards champion+flag 192<--- hero
(my big anvil with these hero's these units can do some serius dmg)
5 grave gards great weaopns champion baner of dead 114 <--whight king
(oké thsi is my whild card unit i'll keep it hidden then ws 6 then it dances in a flank staf of dommanation is 9 hits on 2+ with reroll first strike on str 6 in the magic fase and combat fase and the heve dubble unit size so the are my real clean hous group)
5 black nights 120
(not barded so i have 3 units with movment 9 that can kill those pesky cannons and archers and stuf)

army strength
lots of pouwer dice lots of bound items
3 units that can (posably) move/charge 26 ince(9+9+8)
very strong hero's than can repair / creat alot of units
7 units

army flaws
strong units that are expensive and small
if magic get shutdown i'm in trubble
vonerble to shooting(but can summon a zombie screen)
3 easy to kill units

any thots or idee's
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