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Get atleast 2 sorcerers with sscrolls
Firstly, Malekith takes up a lord and three hero choices which means no two sorceresses.

I have heard a number of thoughts on this but the armies books say you may field up to 4 characters and that you have a lord and/or 4 hero spaces to fill. Now some are of the opinion that malekith only takes up ONE of you Character spaces, one lord space and 3 hero spaces leaving you the option to include another hero level charatcer.

If this is truly the case then i would consider fielding another sorceress with a darkstar cloak and the seal of ghrond.

Ok, It is different to see malekith in 2000 points and i myself have tried it. However, if you plan to use him be careful with him.
1- Use his flying movement to keep him from being mobbed and outnumbered.
2- Keep him away form daemons. Their attacks count as magical and so negate his lovely ward save. You can deal with them from afar with shooting or magic which negates their save.

Also, i would use the remaining points to seriously deck out my core troops with perhaps some bolt throwers in there. With a 945 point character you could be potentiall heavily outnumbered, outmanouvred and squashed.
I typically take 2-3 units of 20 spearmen with full command and 2 units of 10 crossbowmen. back this with 2 bolt throwers and you have a solid defensive core.

If you have the points left over after this i would suggest adding in dark riders and/or cold one knights as flank harriers (recomended: dark riders).

After all, you dont need anything to hard hitting as malekith and the dragon are capable of taking out heavy enemy units themselves.

You will alsso find that in 2000 points most armies (with the exxception of tzeentch and vampire counts) usually only field a lvl 2 or perhaps a level 4 wizard and thats it. with malekith and his supporting sorcress you should be able to retain some semblance of magical superiority as well.

Hope i've helped,

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