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2000pt Bretonnian List - Competitive - Horses and Bows

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Since I have gone full tilt with my Bretonnians I thought it was time to post a list representing where I hope to go with my projects. I will be up against several different armies .... and yet mostly WoC. There is a nasty Throgg list out there with a big block of trolls which enjoy crushing individuals and a Nurgle Plaguebearer horde list with one large block of nastiness accompanied by the 'Tally man', so any advice how to deal with these two lists would be appreciated. I have not had any real success against them with my WoC list except to kill Throgg in a challenge with my level 1 sorcerer (it was pretty funny on my end.)

So I plan on taking these forces down with the Lady as my charm ....

(Original List - New list has been added below)
Lord (231)
Virtue of Heroism
Armour of Agilulf
Heartwood Lance
11 Knights of the Realm + FC (288) - Lord will be here

Paladin/BSB (124)
Charmed Shield (I believe that this is legal - correct me if I am wrong)
Talisman of Preservation (I have a nasty habit of losing these guys in the past so I thought that this would help in this department, please feel free to let me know different if there is a better option)
8 Knights of the Realm + Musician (200) - BSB will be here

6 Knights of the Realm + Musician (152)
(will be used alongside the BSB block to charge large units)

Damsel (140) - Life
Warhorse (no barding)
Level 2
Dispell Scroll​

8 Grail Knights + FC (304) - the Damsel will ride with these guys

10 Bowmen + Brazier (65)

10 Bowmen + Brazier (65)
(to hopefully thin out some of the ranks and stick the wounds)

3 Pegasus Knights
(hunters exclusively - and I believe they are probably the coolest miniatures in the Bretonnian range currently so ... a must)

1 Trebuchet

1 Trebuchet

I believe the total of this list gives me an extra 56 points (any suggestions?)

The other part of the decision is that I may swap out the Lord for this build

Lord (225)
Virtue of Confidence
Gauntlet of Duel
Morning Star of Fracasse

Feel free to add anything that you may have come across in your crusades with the Bretonnians, all knowledge is worth stating.

Thanks for taking a look.
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Taking a look at the list I am not sure how I get the Smiley faces in there but ... oh well.
I say swap out the level two for a level four, we need magic to win games against elite units and especially demons. the fact that they are unbreakable means that you are doomed unless you have a strategy to win ongoing combat. When I play demons I run three casters three paladins and a lord and six dice savage beasts on the second round, then watch 24 bloodletters disappear. Try out the virtue of audacity with the wyrmlance on a paladin, he will slice up some trolls very well, as for your lord, I would take the sword of anti heroes instead of the morning star, more reliable in my opinion, and the dragonhelm to get that one plus re rollable, the 2+ ward means skulltaker is on the chopping block, It is hard against the opponents you outlined, but my priority would be the level four

good luck!
I will be giving my lord a small overhaul, the idea of the Anti-Hero sword is a good one. I keep building my lords with all "Bretonnian" items and forget to pull out the ten pound book to take a look there. And you are right Maned Wolf, there is a little lack lustre when it comes to my magic phase so I will look into those options as well. I may drop one of the Trebuchets and scale back the Grail knights a little but I still can not go past 270 with the Prophetess to keep the list legal at 2000.

Would a Prophetess like this be allright?

Prophetess (260)
- Warhorse
- Level 4
- Chalice of Malfleur
If you are running a life caster than this is perfect, otherwise, one or two crap rolls kill off your lvl four. Agains demons I run three casters, a level two with the chalice (life) a level two with the earthing rod (to six die savage beasts), and a level four with a dispell scroll (heavens), then three paladins including my bsb and my general, no men at arms, you have to figure out what your army's edge will be, I went for mobility and character reliance, then used all of my army at once to obliterate single units, has worked well
the one thin I do know, is always ALWAYS make room for two trebs in your list. I have had mine kill hydras, warsphinxes, dragons, cannons, vampire lords on hellsteeds and, the big winner, a bloodthirster of khorne, too too good to pass up, even if they kill nothing, they divert your enemies attention and maximize your mobility
double post again
Drop the archers imo. they typically dont do much, though they would be useful for trolls and regen with flaming arrows. WIth the points from teh archers and extra 56 your looking at 186 points which you could feild an 8 bus of KE with. Other than that looks solid. I would KEEP the 2 Trebs, these are invaluable.
I have taken a look through the books again and all advice given and believe that this list is a little more streamed and still geared to my play style:

Lord (232)
Virtue of Confidence
Charmed Shield
Gauntlet of Duel
Sword of Anti Heroes (will give this a go and see what comes of it)
8 KotRealm + FC (216)

Damsel (105) - Beast
Dispell Scroll
5 KotRealm + Mus (128)

Paladin/BSB (135)
Grail Shield
Grail Vow
Prophetess (260) - Life
Level 4
Chalice of Malfleur
4 Grail Knights + Mus (162) - These guys are just too cool to not have but may drop to KotR if they do not pull in their own points.

9 KotRealm + FC (240)

10 Bowmen + Braziers (65)
10 Bowmen + Braziers (65)

3 Pegasus Knights (***)

1 Trebuchet
1 Trebuchet

Leaves me with 37 points left, I was wanting to place the Banner of Chalons somewhere but was not sure which unit of knights to equip with it (maybe the Damsel unit). What do you guys think?

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if the BSB is going with the grails he needs the grail vow, other than that I would drop some kotr to knights errant and give them the errantry banner, s6 is too good to pass up, that or the banner of defense has worked very well for me
Good call, that's what I get for copying and pasting. The BSB does indeed have the Grail Vow. Thanks for catching that Manned Wolf.
If he does then you can give him the grail shield instead of the talisman, it is a little cheaper, would pay for the magic banner, or the luckstone, or something like that, then you don't have to buy a normal shield either, unless of course you plan on losing the blessing
Never actually thought of the Grail Shield, (too used to my Tz WoC where the Talisman + MoT give a solid 3++) and of course I hope to never lose the lady's blessing before death takes my honour!
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