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Hi guys, I thought I would take some advice from you for a change.

Here's my current army list that is somewhat effective given the 20 or so games I've played with them. Also note that this is what I'm physically limited to in terms of availability of the models I have and I'm seeking advice as to what I should purchase for my next shipment.

The list's intended role is to be able to shrug off most hits while maintaining a relentless advance or unleashing gauss torrents.

Lord w/ Res Orb, Phase Shifter, Gaze of Flame and Phylactery and warscythe

8x Flayed ones
4x Pariahs

12x Warriors
14x Warriors
12x Warriors

Fast Attack
2x Wraiths
10x Scarab Swarms
3x Destroyers

Heavy Support
1x Tomb Spyder w/particle projector
2x Heavy Destroyers
1x Monolith

Total: More or less 2000pts

I already intend to get 10 immortals to bulk up but what are your thoughts on other possible selections to enhance the phalanx?

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Hey man, sorry I've been meaning to respond to this, always get sidetracked though!

You seem to be in a similar situation to the one I'm in. Plenty of models to use for interesting army builds at low-mid points, but not really the bulk you need per type to be effective in higher points games.

I'd strongly suggest picking up 3-5 more destroyers. The ability to field two squads of them at once is immensely helpful. Also at 2k, using squads of 4 strikes me as the most benefcial, the added wound and fire output is going to greatly improve their efficiency.

10 Immortals are a great addition to a Necron force. The firepower and toughness of the unit is something you should appreciate when you get your hands on them.

A second tomb spyder is also something that I feel would bolster your forces, the extra hitting power is great against heavy infantry. Also being able to give your destroyers a wider range of operation (instead of sitting around next to one another) opens up a load of tactical options.

Maybe one or two extra pariahs? At this points level, 4 don't really have enough staying power. In conjunction with the flayed ones, they should be able to do some pretty mean things to enemy specialist units.

I'm not a fan of fielding warrior squads in anything over the minimum squad size. Sweeping advance has really put a wrench into the efficiency of large warrior squads. Also saving points on more effective units is rather important.

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Cheers Alzer.

I've also worked out that my budget will be roughly $300 as that is my disposable income at the end of the month.

Through my supplier, I should be able to get the 10 immortals and additional destroyers easy.

Pariahs are good but they never see a lot of combat when I use them so should I switch them out for an additional unit of immortals?

I'll definitely take another tombspyder or two to give some flexibility.

I also think I might get another 2 flayed ones just to fill out the squad size.

Another thought that I've had, when I start playing 2500ish pt games, is to field a deceiver along with my current lord. The obvious plan would be having the lord to support with ResOrb and having the deceiver to simply wreak havoc.

And with whatever is left over from the budget, I'll probably just fill out existing units (not warriors) just so I have complete units and flexibility for whatever size and type of army I go up against.

Thoughts on this?

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Okay, I've decided on my order.

I'll be getting:

2x Flayed ones
10x Immortals
1x Deceiver
5x Destroyers
2x Tombspyders

and a couple of bits and bobs for terrain.

Thoughts? In terms of a potential 2500pt army?
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