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I would like to start by saying that unfortunatly this list was done using the last edition to the dwarf codex. I played a couple of years ago and now am looking to get back into it so this list is something ive come up with using the last codex i would expect not to much has changed since. So any help or suggestions besides for buying the new codex lol which i plan on doing as soon as possible would be great!

Rune Lord - 394pts
(Anvil of doom, Gromril armour with two runes of stone, Rune of Shielding and a Shield)

Thane - 89pts *Leads warriors
(Light armour with master rune of gromril and a great weapon)

Runesmith - 104pts *leads Long beards
(Gromril Armour, shield and his hand weapon has rune of cleaving)

Thunderers - 155pts
(10 Thunderers with shields and a musician)

Thunderers - 155pts
(10 Thunderers with shields and a musician)

Warriors - 196pts
(19 Warriors with heavy armour, shields and full command)

Long Beards - 296
(19 Longbeards with full command)

Slayers - 236
(16 troll slayers and 2 giant slayers with a standard bearer)

Miners- 126pts
(10 miners with a musician)

Flame Cannon - 165pts
(Rune of Penetrating)

Stone Thrower - 85pts

For this army i basicly went half and half with my points. Half to shooting and half to combat units. For the first thousand points i wanted to make a solid firepower line so i have the two units of thunderers as a good base for that. Im a big fan of the Flame cannon because it truly can deliver large amount of damage and of course the stone thrower is a standard choice. Then i decided that for once i was going to use the anvil of doom. The thing is pretty crazy if you roll well enough you can have alot of power dice to do some hurt with so i figured why not and i gave the Runelord a 1+ armour save and a 2+ ward save so nobody will hurt him with shooting or magicical attacks:D So that is my fire line it seems pretty solid to me the thunderers can force panic checks and the rest of the stuff can cause hell.

The next 1000 i wanted a a tuff center to my army something that would actually do some damage and not just be there to protect my guns. So the two blocks of 20 dwarfs with a hero in each seems like they will be tough enough to deal with and then 18 slayers to cause some pain and hold up an enemy unit for the entire game:D and of course the miners are there to take out any emeny artillery if they can actually preform properly......

thats it let me know what u think

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Actually, quite a bit changed in the newest version of the Army Book. However, the concept of the army is still solid. It looks like a Magic Defense + Shooting list with some Infantry backup to guard the guns.

That said, this list is pretty hard to critique because it's made with obsolete rules. If you want to stick with this general concept I would take the following:

- Runelord with the Anvil
- BSB Thane
- Combat Thane

- Two units of Thunderers
- One large Block of Warriors
- One large Block of Longbeards

- One Block of Ironbreakers

- Two Bolt Throwers
- One Grudge Thrower

- One Gyrocopter
- One Flame Cannon
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