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It's 2am (blame that for any adding errors) and I'm supposed to be doing physics homework, so I thought I'd post my list up. I've been going over it for a while now and I think I'm pretty happy with this version. It's very magic heavy, partly to give it flexibility and partly because it's fun. My general tactics are to use my decent movement to stay reasonably far from the most threatening enemy units until my mages can cripple them. I'm not strong in combat but the idea is that my enemy won't be either by the time they can actually get there. Anyway, what do you think?

328 - Archmage Lvl 4, steed, seer, ring of fury, jewel of the dusk
170 - Mage Lvl 2, seer, silver wand/channeller
160 - Mage Lvl 2, seer,
176 - Commander eagle, lance, heavy armour, reaver bow, enchanted shield (I've noticed that a few people on here use these, but I swear I came up with the idea before I knew that)
834 - Total

206 - 16 Spearmen Full Command
136 - 5 Silver Helms Champion, Musician, shields and heavy armour
136 - 5 Silver Helms Champion, Musician, shields and heavy armour
478 - Total

313 - 16 Swordmasters Full Command, Banner of Sorcery, Blessed Tome
90 - 6 Shadow Warriors
85 - Chariot
488 - Total

100 - Repeater Bolt Thrower
100 - 2 Eagles
200 - Total


Power dice - 11+D3
Dispel dice - 6

My archmage is usually a pyromancer and is my main offensive mage. The other two vary but one of them is most commonly an astromancer with second sign and comet. Sometimes I'll have two life mages with master of stone if I'm facing a static army like dwarfs who are too busy trying to shoot to step off the hill. It really depends what I'm up against.

The bolt thrower is more used for scare tactics than for doing serious damage. Don't get me wrong, a well aimed volley can work wonders, but to me its most important feature is the amount of the board it can keep some opponents out of when you deploy it early on. Master_Bungle who I play with commented somewhere on here that it's not very effective at shooting, but to me that's not the point. Perhaps if he didn't insist on using skirmish screens he'd get the idea...

edit - I really can't add...

edit 2 - do you think it would be worth swapping out the chariot and a shadow warrior for a second bolt thrower?

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I personally don't think you need another RBT, plus the shadow warriors can march block the enemy while you pummel them with (a lot) of magic. Also, you need combat power as it is, so I suggest keeping the chariot. For your silver helm units, I think standards would be helpful (helps with combat res. after all). What do you think is better, 1 extra attack from a champion that MAY deal a wound (and hence +1 CR) or simply just add automatically +1 CR? As long as you win the combat and cut down your foe, that is all that matters :yes:
You know that I think you have too many points focused on magic, so I would suggest taking out the 160pt lvl 2 mage with seer and increasing the unit size of the spearmen unit to 20 and then maybe adding in that RBT (seeing as you would have a little less magic...only 9+D3....) or a second chariot to help out with your combats. Or maybe even increase the unit size of the Swordmasters (although I wouldn't suggest it as they are expensive enough as it is :wacko: ).
If you have any points left after one of those options, you could even add a warbanner to one of the silver helm units to help them win combats easier (if they can take magic banners that is...I dunno if they can....).
Anywho, I hope that was of some help....

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sorry but I'm not considering this a friendly list. Way to magic heavy. Think about it. 8 levels of magic and a bound item. Then you have between 12 and 14 PD and a bound spell that usually takes 2-3 dice to cast. So you are sitting on 14 -17 PD. Maybe this is harse but the main thing of this list is roll magic and hope you don't misscast. You misscast early in you magic phase and end the phase you lose the game since you spend so much on magic you don't have anything left. If you don't miscast it will just be you doing a lot of magic and your opponent removing a lot of models. Then in the end it will all come down to if you killed enough so your paperthin line can deal with it.

Also in this configuration you are better of giving the silverwand to the lvl 4 and the seer to the lvl2. Your lvl 4 will then have 5 spells and you will get 5 out of 6 spells from any lore. A waste to use the points on that. Then the LVL 2 can select the spells you really want. Will make your magic phase much more potent. I'm not saying it's a bad list but i wouldn't advertise it as a friendly list.

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^which is why I use second sign. I'd have to be pretty unlucky to use that and still have the phase end early on. Any army relies on luck to some extent. I don't believe mine is much worse than most.

All three of my mages have seer anyway, and I like having the 4,3,2 on the number of spells I can have. 5,2,2 isn't as flexible and I'm guaranteed to roll at least one useless spell.

As for its friendly status, the posting rules tell you to specify between friendly and tournament play. I use it for friendlies and I'm not planning on playing any tournaments, so it's a friendly list. What you're "considering" is irrelevant. I'd say I'm sorry, but I'm not.

And I know that I rely heavily on killing a lot of the opposing army before they reach combat. I said that in my own post. If you're going to use it as a criticism I suggest you tell me what's wrong with it.

^^You've got a point about the silver helms, come to think of it I'm not entirely sure why I took them out in the first place.

I was only thinking of taking one shadow warrior out, I'd still have the unit of five. I think I agree with you though, the chariot is useful, probably more useful to me than another bolt thrower would be. Plus I have the model, and I don't have a second bolt thrower.

(For anyone else reading this the way most of our group is starting to play is we have a standard 2k army, but we can swap out up to 200 points depending on the opponent)

I was thinking the 160pt mage would be swapped out quite a lot (with an item or two), either replaced by a commander and those four spearmen, or another bolt thrower and some stuff, or possibly even a small unit of dragon princes like you suggested.
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