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2000pts Nids comp/friendly

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Hey, here's my 2000pts list i'm trying to out together:

Tyrant (170) - FH, Wings, STX2, Warp field
6 Warriors (228) - Ag-I, EC, Leaping, RC, ST

3 Warriors (118 ) - ES, EC, TS, ST, 2 w/ deathspitters, 1 w/ VC
3 Warriors (118) - ES, EC, TS, ST, 2 w/ deathspitters, 1 w/ VC
2 Lictors (160)

8 Stealers (160) - EC
6 Stealers (120) - EC (Only six because need RC for Raveners)
12 Hormies (120)
12 Hormies (120)
12 Spinegaunts (60) - Spine fists
12 Spinegaunts (60) - Spine fists

Fast Attack:
1 Ravener (40) - RC, ST
1 Ravener (40) - RC, ST

Heavy Support:

Fex (118) - Ag-I, FH, Tusked, STX2
Fex (188) - ES, EC, Reinforced Chitin, BS, VC
Fex (188) - ES, EC, Reinforced Chitin, BS, VC

Total: 2008

I'm 8pts over so i need some advice where to take them off from.
Basic tactic is to have gaunts in the middle, with raveners amongst them Have the cc warriors behind this ready to assualt/counter assualt after the hormies make combat and stealers to the side. The shooty warriors will slowly advance with them if need be. The shooty fex's will control firing lines. The cc fex will advance forward and act as a distraction (hopefully). The tyrant will either go on the flanks or centre and try and take out anoying units (dev squads, dreads, infiltrators etc.) The lictors will DS and try and take out barrage sqauds or the like and distract for a turn, maybe 2.
What do you think? It should hopefully do alright, as there are numerous threatening units to the enemy, with enough variation that will hopefully confuss my opponent somewhat. All criticsm is welcome. Thanks
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I am not sure that you will like the idea but how about dropping the CC fex and having just 2 Zoanies with Warp Blast. Other than that I like the list.
I would except that it's already built and painted so i probably won't. Thanks though
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