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2000pts Tzeentch/Khorne

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Hi, I'm pretty new to WHF (less than 2 mos. only) and am currently using the High Elves (though with a lot of proxying).

I've heard good things about Daemons and have decided to go with them as a second army. This way I can also use them for 40K.

The group I game with are of medium competitiveness. I play against Vampire Counts, Warrriors of Chaos and Beasts of Chaos normally.

I want to make a list that is somewhat competitive, but I don't really want to go too over the top. Here's the list I've come up with (we're just about to start playing 2000pt games as opposed to our normal 150O). Is it competitive enough or too cheesy? C+C welcomed.

2000pts Tzeentch/Khorne

Bloodthirster - Firestorm Blade, Immortal Fury, Obsidian Armor - 550
Herald of Khorne - Armor of Khorne - 115
Herald of Tzeentch - Power Vortex, Winged Horror - 165

20x Bloodletters - Full command, Icon of Endless War - 295
15x Pink Horrors - 180
10x Pink Horrors - 120

5x Flesh Hounds - 175
5x Flesh Hounds - 175

3x Flamers - Pyrocaster - 120
3x Flamers - 105

Total - 2000
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It will work. I use a similar (if not quite the same) army, and it will clean up pretty well.
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