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Having finished my High Elves I am sorely tempted to get a Vampire Counts army. With ready access to the new army book I have decided on the following list.

Vampire Lord- Handweapon, Balefire Spike, Enchanted Shield, Heavy armour, Red Fury, Infinite Hatred, Dreadknight, Extra level, Rides barded nightmare.

Vampire- Handweapon, Shield, Heavy armour, Avatar of Death, Dark Acolyte.

Necromancer- Handweapon, Extra spell, 2 Dispell scrolls.

25 Skeletons- Handweapons, Spears, Shields, Light armour, Full command.

10 Crypt Ghouls-

10 Crypt Ghouls-

6 Dire Wolves-

20 Grave Guard- Handweapons, Shields, Heavy armour, Full command, Royal Banner of Strigos.

9 Black Knights- Handweapons, Lances, Shields, Heavy armour, Ride barded nightmares, Full command, Banner of the Barrows.

4 Fell Bats-


8 Power Dice
6 Dispell Dice


A small but elite army that is quick and easy to field and packs a solid punch in combat. My tactics will be pretty simple with a hammer and anvil approach to doing things. The vampire, skeletons, ghouls and the graveguard will hold the centre whilst the vampire lord, black knights, varghulf and the dire wolves will seek to hit the enemy in the flanks hard.
The fell bats will seek out enemy war machines and take them out.

JvK :happy:

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I have a hard time commenting in specifics as I haven't had the chance of reading throu the armybook, but I can see someone doesn't like the new zombies?

I am not sure how the ghouls would fare! I have a problem with the new ghouls, and I have a hard time seeing them as very good. I would rather take my chances with the zombies, as they can at least still autobreak (so can ghouls, but not in units of 10), maybe now that they are healable by magic the ghouls will still be acceptable now that they are ranked up.

I understand that any Vampires make it possible to march within 6”, but if your varghulf charges down a flank, you’re general with the 12” bubble also seems to be off from the infantry, which leaves you with just one vampire, and the need to keep your whole infantry force within 6” (oh noes… stone throwers!)!

I think the black knight unit is a bit big, is there a reason for having 2 ranks of such expensive troops?

I like the army overall, but you can’t really use all the “I love the look and feel… blah blah”. I do however want to complement you for the necromancer and a nice big block of skeletons. Never lose them! Same goes for a nice unit of Grave Guards and the all important dire wolves…
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