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2150 list

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Ok, how does this sound?

Prince (leads Dragon Princes)- Barded Steed - Dragon Armor - Shield - Lance - Radiant gem of Hoeth - Seer - Helm of fortune - 266 points

Level 2 mage - Silver wand - channeller - pure of heart - seer - 180 points

Level 2 mage - jewel of the dusk - ring of fury - 175 points

Commander - chariot - lance - Heavy Armor - Reaver bow - enchanted shield - 213 points

12 Spearmen - Champion - Standard bearer - war banner - 176 points

5 Silver Helms - Heavy Armor - shield - 115 points

5 Silver Helms - Heavy Armor - shield - 115 points

5 Dragon Princes - Full command - Amulet of purifying flame - standard of balance - 235 points

5 Ellyrian Reavers - 90 points

16 Swordmasters of Hoeth - Champion - Standard Bearer - Banner of Sorcery - 282 points

2X Repeater Bolt Thrower - 200 points

2X Great Eagle - 100 points

Total:2149 points
PD: 8+D3
DD: 5

Would have liked to add some shadow warriors and could take the points of the swordmasters but don't have a special slot left anyway. Shadow warriors usually kill more then reavers and survive more often, but need the flanking treath.
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The only thing I worry about in this army is the lack of a solid centre of troops. It is alright to have the units of cavalry to multi charge, but if the units are broken you have nothing to hold in the centre.

The prince is good, but I would give him the guardian pheonix rather than the Helm of Fortune.

I hope this helps :ninja:
you are right. But the problem is that the High Elves don't have much for a solid block of troops to hold the lines. The best you can do is large blocks of silver helms and that's just really expensive. The spearment get killed to easily and so does any other unit of elven infantry. I think troops that can survive battles and get some flank charges have a better chance then the big blocks of infantry. I consider the biggest flaw in elven infantry that they cannot take a charge. Now the exception are the spearmen somewhat since their 3 ranks will give them a few attacks back. But take the other infantry units. The Phoenix Guard, White lions and sword masters. All great fighters but if charged then hardly ever get to fight. The front rank is usually killed before anyone can strike back. T3 and 5+ AS just doesn't cut it. are right and wrong.

Elven infantry arent supposed to be taking charges. they have 10 inch charge range!!! you have to charge. If the opposing unit is something fast like cav, then you can do a standard bait and flee maneouver with a unit of fast cavalry or something.

The equipment on the Prince is a huge waste of points. Get a ward save. Vambraces, Enchanted Shield, full equipment and a lance!

you need scrolls

why standard of balance? just out of curiousity. There are a number of ways to use standard of balance, but i hope your not using it only to make the DP immune to phys.

shadow warriors or reavers arent supposed to kill things. heck, i dont even use their bows. marchblocking, warmachines, mages, redirecting.
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True, but unfortunately your opponent also uses the bait and flee tactic and often you have to take it or you'll get charged with the bait unit. HE are just not very good in close combat. Bait and flee doesn't always work if you play experienced players. They'll turn it against you.

There is much discussion on the gem - seer combo. I wanna try it out and see how it goes. If he gets the flaming sword of rhuin off he will be a better combat charater then you could ever make him with normal magic items. And on top of that the extra power and dispel dice will also help the magic phase. He already has a lance so he can still charge at a decent strenght in case he doesn't get the sword off.

The prince will join the DP making them easily my main combat unit. I gave them the banner of balance to make sure they can be effective. Too many time have they stayed locked in combat due to psy effects of my opponents. So now a 10 strong unit of black guard don't keep my DP busy all game. Or i can flank iron breakers and actually beat them in combat and make them run. It's more to cancel out things like stubborn, frenzy, fear causing. Stuff like that. Now if it would only also work on unbreakable.

As for scrolls. I seem to do ok with the DD alone. It just takes being selective with them. So I could bring scrolls but then I would be taking away from my own magic phase since I would have to drop items on the mages for the allowance.
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They use bait and flee tactics with what? which army? You have bolt throwers and magic. And their first priority always, in any game, is to take out support units, flankers, fast cav. You have to shoot the bait unit, or you charge it with overkill, place your eagle so that whatever is going to counter charge gets redirected by the eagle.

Also, if its something that can be charged and beaten by a chariot, charge with one, let him flee, then flee his counter charge, then you smoke him with whatever you got. But, there arent alot of armies that have effective baiting units.
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