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Ok this is for a Mighty Empires (in space) Campaign game. I have 195 credits from mining promethium hence my opponent fights with 2000 and I fight with 2195.

Here we go

Inq Lord +Psycannon
2 x HB Servitors, 1 X PC servitor
2 x sages
3 x acolytes
2 x familiars
2 x mystics

Total = 233

4 x GKT + Psycannon

Total = 270

Eversor Assassin = 95


8 x IST + 2 x Plasma Gun
8 x IST + 2 x Plasma Gun
8 x PAGK + Justicar + Teleport Homer

Total = 455

Fast Attack

8 x FAGK + Justicar + Targeter
8 x FAGK + Justicar + Targeter
8 x Seraphim + 2 x Inferno + Superior + Eviscerator + BoSL

Total = 754

Heavy Support

GK Dread + TLLC + ML
GK Dread + AsC + DCCW + Smokes + EA
GK Dread + PC + ML

Total = 388

Grand Total of 2190.
71 Models on foot
3 Dreads.

List Concept.

Ok well... My anti-troop is basically the Inq and his troupe that will sit back at a 4+ cover save spot and shoot everything in sight. The BC+ Termies will attempt to deep strike close to enemy lines rather than risk walking for the first 1-2 rounds and be force to take invu saves.

Other than that, the FA choices are all on the board from the start but deployed last. The Grey knights squads form the basis of the firing while the "girls" are there for tank hunting jumping from cover to cover.

The eversor will harass a flank from the start, and go for light armored tanks and/or devastator squads to keep the GK safe.

The dreads are 1 anti tank and 2 anti-infantry, hence the PC... though I am thinking about giving it DCCW instead of the launcher, it is there in case the TLLC/ML dread dies and the Seraphim are too far away so that it has a chance of taking out some armor as well...

Suggestions? Ideas? Comments?

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Well, much as I hate to say it, the list is illegal as it stands =(. You need to take a Grey Knight Hero (HQ choice) in order to take Grey Knight vehicles. Which is easily remedied, as it happens: you can swap the Elite choice Terminator squad for GK BC with retinue. Only difference between the two is that the HQ BC is an Independent Character, instead of an "upgrade" character. Other than that, I'd recommend giving your BC a psycannon as well as his squad member, so that you can deploy them at the start and use them as a mobile dakka squad if you like.

Regarding the Dread loadout, the TLLC/ML and AC/DCCW are both tried-and-true. I've used the PC version, and was underwhelmed by its performance. Even in target-rich environments (my friend's 'nid army) I seldom managed to get more than one-or-two hits from the blast template when I managed to connect. Your mileage may vary, but I think the multi-shot AC is more versatile than the PC, better at its primary anti-infantry role, and is cheaper as well! So, I'd recommend swapping the PC/ML to a second AC/DCCW. Other than that (which is pretty much personal preference anyways) the list looks way solid. Report back with success, if you get the chance =).

Good luck!

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