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I dont really like lists with just 2 lvl 2s, but at least you made the attempt at making them powerful, 7 dice and 5 spells is respectable.

That warrior block is doing nothing for you. It only has 3 SCR most of the time, as 15 is unlikely to outnumber. Bump it up to 20-25, give it full command (full command on warriors is really cheap) and maybe add the war banner.

Your special choices suffer from unit bloat.

I personally don't like 20 strong BG units, as they are rather expensive to be paying for SCR and extra wounds on what is effectively an anvil unit that wins by killing things with ASF. Cut it down to 14 with the same upgrades, it saves 78 points. You can't actually make them 21, as their unit size is capped at 20.

I don't like upgraded CoK units much. Sure your configuration is going to do some serious hurt, with the volume of attacks and magic standard. But with the extra points spent on it added to the extra points spent on the BG, you could buy another unit of CoKs. I personally have found, especially in a cauldron list, that a naked unit of CoKs does just as well at running down the enemy as the full kit. Stupidity is also an issue. With the chances of failing about 1 in 6, its better to have 135 points go dumb than 254

Executioners suck, pretty much no matter how you run them. Sure you can make them work, but it is not easy or cheap. I would just take 5-7, give them no command, and use them as a flanking unit and stubborn (with cauldron) speedbump. They aren't bad with +1 attack, when they get the charge. The only way they are getting the charge is if they are too unimportant to be concentrated on. Honestly though, I just don't take them, and give BG or witches killing blow instead.

In this list I would use the points saved on not taking executioners, and put them into a rending star manbane assassin for your shades. Or in upgrading your wizard to lord level.
1 - 1 of 8 Posts
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