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2250-All comers/competitive

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Lords and Heroes

Level 2
Darkstar Cloak

Level 2
Tome of Furion
Dispel Scroll

Death Hag-200
Cauldron of Blood


10 Crossbowman-100

10 Crossbowman-100

19 Warriors-145
Champ and standard


20 Black Guard-330
Banner of Hag Graef

6 Cold One Knights-242
War Banner
Null Talisman

10 Shades-198
great weapons

15 Executioners-225
Cold Blood Banner


2 Bolt Throwers

War Hydra

So basically it's a balanced list where I want to be able to compete in any and all phases. Flexibility was a big thing here for me, the Cauldron plays a huge part in that. I realize the CoK unit is a bit pricy, I may slim them down a bit. Otherwise I want to try and squeeze in either Dark Riders or another unit of CoK's. Any and all comments are welcome and wanted. Especially any ideas on where to crunch down a bit on points to squeeze in some more cav.
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why the sac dagger though
Sacrificial dagger could kill some warriors for extra power dice. One more power dice to each spell is nice, especialy if you can decide wheather you use another die or not only after you rolled your magic dice.
1 - 1 of 8 Posts
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