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Hi everyone.

As some other times, I shamelessly ask you for some advice on my army list. I am esentially using what I have from the previous edition plus some minis that I purchased. That said, I will indicate what else I have available for changes in the army.

The Army intends to have a missile base (3x10 archer units, SSC, CoS) plus a mobile assault group to hunt enemy warmachines or to engage a hopefully missile-weakened enemy in midfield. I try to go character light, and I am somewhat worried that the healing aspect of magic will be lost on an army with so many constructs and without a horde unit (perhaps the most glaring weakness).

Liche High Priest
Lvl4, Lore of Nehekhara, Earthling Rod, Talisman of preservation
280 points

Tomb Prince
Great Weapon, Shield, Armour of Destiny, on a Chariot
211 points

3x Skeleton Archers
10 including musician
3x70 points

Skeleton Chariots
6 including Champion and Standard bearer with Banner of Swiftness
365 points

Skeleton Horse Archers
6 of them
84 points

Khemrian Warsphynx
With Envenomed sting and Fiery Roar
240 points

Necropolis Knights
3 with Champion and EBtS
210 points

2x Tomb Scorpion
2x 85 points

Casket of Souls
135 points

No upgrades
225 points

Screaming Skull Catapult
No upgrades
90 points

Total: 2230 points

I also have some scorpion swarms (2), 4 more archer horseskellys and 14 or so skeleton cavalry, a 40 or so skeletons unit with spear and shield, some spare tomb kings from the sphynx boxes and a lich on skeletal horse. I have heard around that Tomb Scorpions are a waste these days, but I have used those two fellas since the previous edition and I am kinda attached to them. I should probably change them and the horse archers for some hordish unit. I am worried, tho, that said horde will fall behind the rest of the army, which is either faster or EBtS... What do you think?
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