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Played a few games with the skull pass set (plus some iron breakers and slayers) and now I'm getting the battallion box. So here's my try at a 2250 list

I'm trying to be balanced, I know I need to put out enough fire power to make them advance towards me, but I also really like the CC units of the dwarfs so I am leaning towards that way.

Characters: 544
Dwarf Lord
shield bearers, shield
Hammer: Rune of Might, Master Rune of Swiftness
Armor: Rune of Resistance
Talisman: Rune of Fate, Rune of Luck
Another build I was considering was rune of might and smiting and 2 runes of iron, any thoughts?

GW, rune of spell breaking, master rune of challenge

Shield, Master rune of (can't decide between spellbinding or balance)

Core: 988
Dwarf Warriors x20
shield, GW's, Full Command
should I bother with the GW's? or just keep them as an anvil unit? and if I keep the GW's should I not use shields since they'll have a +5 ward save anyway and use the points for the rune of determination?

Dwarf Longbeards x24
shields, Full Command, Master Rune of Grungi

Thunderer's x10

Quarreller Rangers x15
GW's, Veteran, musician

Special and Rare: 717
Slayers x12

Engineer w/brace of pistols
Rune of Forging

Iron Breakers x20
Full Command, Rune of Courage

Organ Gun

The plan is to have the longbeards in the center with the shield runesmith, flanked by the warriors and the iron breakers. The lord and the GW runesmith will be with the Iron breakers with the slayers guarding their other flank.

The thunderer's and cannon and organ gun go on the hill, the rangers scout and try to make their presence felt, hopefully opening up some flank shots for the cannon.

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On your Lord swap out the Ro Fate for 2 Ro Iron on his armour for a 5+ ward all the time and it is cheaper.
Unless your expecting to come across alot of T5 enemies take Ro Cleaving over Ro Might. It will mean against bog standard troops your lord will make a much great impact.

I think MRo Spell Binding would be best. Theres nothing more infuriating than chucking 3 dice at a dispell attempt and coming up one short.

Just take Shields on your warriors, if your going to put Great wepaons anywhere put them on the long beards where they will be hitting more often and at Strength 6. but realisticaly shields on both and ignor using greatweapons.
Drop the Longbeards to 20-22. you dont need any more than that.

Drop the musician off the thunderers and give the shields.

Dont take quarreller rangers at all. They are a point sink and considering they have a range of 30" anyway just take normal quarellers and give them shields. theres no point in making people come to you if you have a relativly weak unit alone in the middle of the field. they will draw all of the attention in turn one and will be dead or running by turn two.

I feel if your opting for a Dwarf Lord Hammerers should at least be considered. Stubborn, with a Lord Immune to Fear and Terror, as good as long beards and other elites in combat at WS5 S4, S6 with GW's. Your missing a trick here, even if you do a straight swap of Longbeards for Hammerers. I use the longbeard modles as Hammerers anyway as they look cool.

Slayers are always hit and miss for me. They either get ignored allowing me to make use of them as a powerfull flanking force, or mess up big time becoming a pin cusion to fast cavalry and missile troops. The only time iv seen them be amazing is when i went insane taking a unit of 20 with a dragon slayer in the unit, standard, musician and 3 giant slayers. Its personal choice.

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Most of my opponents are chaos warriors, vampires, and lizardmen and then occasionally elves. so I see T5 quite a bit and against elves, I'm wounding on 3's anyway. I will switch the rune of iron and musician for shields on the thunderers.

Never thought of using longbeard models for hammerers, the reason I don't usually use them is I feel that just heavy armor on such a powerful unit will mean every magic missile and arrow will be aimed their way. Plus I love the look and feel of Iron Breakers.

And the I'm thinking of dropping the slayers for 2 bolt throwers once I have the models. anyone know how to make a cheaper bolt thrower substitute? not only can I know find it but its rather expensive and metal.

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Ok I think it's a nice list.

But what if you swap the rune of resistance and the rune of Fate just for a Master rune of Spite(4+ws) Because now you only have one 2+ ward save and then you have to wait if your general will be fighting because a smart player will try to ignore the unit of ironbreakers because there two heroes in it and the ironbreakers already almost don't die.

I mostly use the rune of balance for my runesmiths because you'll get one dispel dice and they have one less.(great!)

Remind that runesmiths aren't made for challenging.. they die to easely.

You don't need a musician with the thunderers they already have ld9 and if they will be charged they mostly die because they have only light armour and they aren't hitting very hard.

I do mostly don't play with the rangers, i tihnk miners are better.

I rather take 2 ballista with some nice runes and lose the brace of pistols with the engineer. The cannon only does D3 wounds so it rather dissaoppoints me.

Hope i could help, and my excuse for my english:soldier:
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