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I'm thinking about starting to play warhammer again (did it 10 years back in my "younger years"), and I've spent quite a lot of time understanding the new rules and selecting an army that I believe would be fun, versatile and good to build on as well as quite a solid and powerful army being able to field a competetive 2250 point army.

I am happy for all comments regarding my army.

The strategy in this army is quite much centered around having a powerful magic phase with a lot of incantations and a lot of bound spells.

So, what do you think? :)

2250 Point army (2244 pts)

Army General: Tomb Prince [Tomb guard unit]
Great weapon
Light armor
Collar of Shapesh
131 pts

Army Hierophant: Liche High Priest [flying freely]
Cloak of the Dunes
Hieratic jar
Staff of Ravening
335 pts

Liche priest [rides freely]
Dispel scroll
Dispel scroll
Skeletal steed
173 pts

Tomb prince [chariot unit]
Spear of Antarhak
Enchanted shield
Light armor
192 pts

30 Skeleton bowmen [5x6 unit]
Standard bearer
255 pts

10 Skeleton bowmen
80 pts

2 Tomb swarm
90 pts

24 Tomb guard [5x5 unit]
Standard bearer
Banner of the undying legion
343 pts

4 Ushabti
260 pts

Tomb scorpion
85 pts

My own thoughts
These are things I'm considering myself.
- Fielding one more liche priest instead of a prince for more power in the magic phase.
- What to do about the riding priest, if it would be a better idea to try and field a casket and if its a big problem that he's one of the few mounted targets.
- Will the 30 skeleton bowmen be useful on its own without champion (removed to avoid challenge overkill problems) in order to provide autobreak combined with powerful flankers.
- Banner of the undying legion vs Icon of Rahaph on the tomb guards, undying seems nice combined with collar of shapesh on the general.
3 Chariots
Standard bearer
Icon of the sacred eye
190 pts

Screaming skull catapult
Skulls of the foe
110 pts

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Staff of Rav and the Hjar are both Arcane items, so the High Priest cant have both. Drop them both, give him the Mighty Plaques, gives good LHP magic consistency. Give the Hjar or Staff to the lower Priest.

Princes look Good.

Run 2 units of 20 Archers, each with Music and possibly standard.

Rest looks good (possibly reorder so the list is all together) Maybe consider Rakaph on the TG, and then BotUL on the Chariots, though the Eye is also a good choice.

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Thank you for your input.

I agree with you, Plaque of Might Incantations looks really nice on a High Priest. 2 incantations with 3D6 "power" that might be rerolled if needed each magic phase must be hard to stop.

I droped both arcane items on the high priest and gave him the plaque instead, the priest got the H.jar instead of a dispel scroll and I gave my general the brooch of the great desert since dispel is always nice.

About the archers I'm now thinking about fielding 2x25 or something in order to have some buffer in case a few of them die (since they are really only there for their numbers and ranks anyway). Wouldn't 2 units of 20 archers be too small and not give that nice rank bonus and auto-break feature that you field them for?
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