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Hi, I have been scheduled for a game with a friend which wants to try her dwarven gunline. Given how she is not one to make cheesy army lists, I preferred not to run WoC and went for my good old Khemri list.

I am pretty sure she will castle around a hill with a lot of warmachines with some big blocks of longbeards, slayers and some thunderers. Therefore I don't want to use another castling army. Would be a pretty silly game with noone moving tbh.

This is the list I am considering. Please tell me if you think it is workable or needs some work.

Liche HP, lvl4 with Lore of Nehek, Earthing Rod and talisman of 4++. 140 skavenslaves-points. Should run with one of the archer bunkers.

Liche Priest, lvl2 Lore of Light, on a steed and using a Power Stone. 67.5 skavenslaves-points. Should run with the horse archer unit for buffing the mainline.
Tomb Prince on a Chariot with GW and Armour of destiny. 104.5 skavenslaves-points. Running with the chariot block ofc. I am considering ditching him to make the Priest a HP tbh.

Skeleton Archers x15 with musician. 50 skavenslaves-points.
Skeleton Archers x15 with musician. 50 skavenslaves-points.
Skeleton Chariots x5 with Champion and Standard with Banner of Swiftness. 155 skavenslaves-points.
Skeleton Horse Archers x7 49 skavenslaves-points.

Warsphinx with Fiery Roar. 115 skavenslaves-points.
Necropolis Knights x5 with Standard. 167.5 skavenslaves-points.

Casket of Souls. 67.5 skavenslaves-points.
Necrosphynx. 112.5 skavenslaves-points.
SSC. 45 skavenslaves-points.

So what do you think? The point is advancing with the archers behind the snakes-line to get them covered and using the chariots and sphinxes to flank-charge and hopefully crumble her battleline. Casket and SSC together with bowfire and spells should main a bit her artillery, though I am not so sure. She probably will bring a lot of anti-magic...
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