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This is a new list i drew up, it is not final though, i tried to pick a good mix of units as i am starting to play with a new group, and i have no clue what armies i will be facing. Everything has expensive banners and magic items simply because i cannot afford anything more at this point and i wanted to fill out my points. Anyway let me know what u think. Thank you.

General of the Empire , Barded Warhorse, Runefang, Shield, Plate= 204Pts.

Battle Standard Bearer, Plate, Imperial Banner= 183pts.

Warrior Priest , Great Weapon, Shroud of Magnus =144Pts.

Battle Wizard , Second Level , 2X dispell Scrolls= 155pts.

20 Halbrediers , Shields, Full Command , Standard of Arcane Duty= 170pts

Detachment 10 Free Company= 50Pts.

20 Halbrediers, Shields, Full Command=140Pts.

Detachment 10 Free Company=50Pts.

10 Handgunners , Marksmen with Long Rifle=105Pts.

10 Handgunners , Marksmen with Long Rifle=105Pts.

9 Inner Circle Knights Full Command , Banner of the Demon Slayer= 324Pts.

Great Cannon=100Pts.

20 Flagellants , Prophet of Doom=210Pts.

Steam Tank=300Pts.

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