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Heres the deal:
I'm a newbie to fantasy and VC. (Necron player)
my regular opponent is a lizardman player who loves his engine of the gods ( 3 in 2250).
I've put together a list that i think will be competitive against most armies, any tips to improvements would be greatly appreciated, this is my first 2250 list.

Vampire lord 430
Level 3 magic
Master of black arts
Forbidden lore
Summon Ghouls
Helm of commandment
Flayed Hauberk
Biting blade
Black peraipt
+++ go with the lore of shadows to help against his engines. all you need a single casting of 'pit of shades' to get through his magic defences and his critter will die on a 2+!!! plus you've got the unseen lurker spell for a second move on top of danse. and steed of shadows for flying an 'assassin' style vampire/wight king about!
also, the one spell that causes 3D6/S1 hits can be very helpful against any skirmishing skink units... all in all, shadows is a great lore against lizzies!

i'd likely drop the flayed hauberk though - i prefer to run the nightshroud on a caster general since he can get the drop on any assassination attempts! give him the crown of damnation in place of the helm for a solid ward save if you fancy some extra protection...+++

Vampire 300
Battle standard
Drakenhof Banner
+++ i'd turn him into a secondary support caster honestly... keep in mind that any slaan can simply take lore of fire and negate your regen. (gits!)
dark acolyte + summon or avartar powers. helm of commandment + enchanted shield. a solid supporter to bunker behind your main lines.+++

Vampire 175
Dark Acolyte
Summon Ghouls
Cadaverous cuirass
Enchanted Shield
+++ as pointed out, you can't have 2 magic items from the same category... i'd instead try and kit him out to kill multi-wound critters. or else perhaps try out konrad, the ultimet multi-wound butcher!!! fly him at an engine and watch him go ape bonkers! (konrad can cause a potential 30 wounds a turn when he's frenzied!)

if you go for a generic fighter vamp, then try for red fury + nightmare + balefire spike + flayed hauberk. a potential for upto 6 wounds/turn - enough to deal with a stegadon ancient!+++


15 Ghouls 128

15 Ghouls 128

15 Ghouls 128
+++ just remember to run your ghouls 7 wide to maximise their combat potential... you need to get every possible hit you can since any saurus will just wreck your units in return...
make sure you hit a unit that's in combat with vanhel's danse (best option since you also re-roll hits) or the miasma from a cart before combat begins...+++

Corpse Cart 100

Corpse Cart 100

6 Dire wolves 48


15 Graveguard 210
Full command
+++ i'd get the banner of the barrows on to this unit asap! you'll need every possible hit you can get since lizzies will outfight you through sheer number of attacks!+++


Varghulf 175
+++ lose it. against lizzies, i'd go for a black coach since you'll screw with their magic even more, and it doesn't rely on regen! (again, if the lizzies see that you have lots of regen, they'll just take flaming spells and have a field day!)+++

4 Blood Knights 325
Flag of Blood keep
+++ i agree about dropping the banner... it simply won't help as much against lizzies who have lots of ways around it's protection. (especially those engines!)
in general, i wouldn't bother with blood knights since you can put double their number worth of black knights onto the table! they're still S6 on the charge, but they also have ethereal movement! (so terrain won't hinder you at all).+++
i never take anything with regen against lizzies since they can have lots of flaming attacks... (you can be assured a saurus character for example will carry the burning blade!)
however, lizzies don't have much S7 beyond saurus lords/heroes with great weapons and carnasaurs... (so he might have 2 of those at most at 2250) this makes the black coach a miracle worker since the lizzes will have a fun time trying to single-shot it! (just hit unit flanks to avoid characters) as an added bonues, it'll also suck-up his power dice too and become even more powerful! the coach is by means invincable, but it can be a bit harder for the lizzes to deal with than squishy vargulfs & very pricey blood knights!

as for characters of your own, i'd probable try and go with either 3 vamps + wight king or else 4 vamps. use a fighty character to fly about (via steed of shadows) and pick off his wizards or else hunt those stegadon ancients! (konrad can be a wonderful help in this department and he's dirt cheap too!)
i'd also make damn sure to get the book of arkhan into your list. it can really be a life saver since vanhel's danse is easily our very best spell!

hope this helps,
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