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Heres the deal:
I'm a newbie to fantasy and VC. (Necron player)
my regular opponent is a lizardman player who loves his engine of the gods ( 3 in 2250).
I've put together a list that i think will be competitive against most armies, any tips to improvements would be greatly appreciated, this is my first 2250 list.

Vampire lord 430
Level 3 magic
Master of black arts
Forbidden lore
Summon Ghouls
Helm of commandment
Flayed Hauberk
Biting blade
Black peraipt

Vampire 300
Battle standard
Drakenhof Banner

Vampire 175
Dark Acolyte
Summon Ghouls
Cadaverous cuirass
Enchanted Shield


15 Ghouls 128

15 Ghouls 128

15 Ghouls 128

Corpse Cart 100

Corpse Cart 100

6 Dire wolves 48


15 Graveguard 210
Full command


Varghulf 175

4 Blood Knights 325
Flag of Blood keep

The plan is to have the 3 ghoul squads run in the centre with the two corpse carts squad 1 and 3, and the lord behind group 2 with the graveguard.
This will form the main block with ghouls being bulstered in numbers by the casty vampire + lord, while the graveguard act as a body guard for the lord, and move in to finish the enemy off should one of the three ghoul squads fall.
Im not sure wether to put the casty vampire in with the 3rd squad of ghouls or the graveguard as well.
The blood knights will run up the left flank (or right however deployment goes) with the battlestandard bearer, screened by the dire wolves.
Varghulf gets deployed slightly more towards the centre than the bloodknights but also runs up the flank with them (can move to centre with his 16 inch march if neccesary).
Corpse Carts run either side of the graveguard giving ASF to ghouls.

i make this 10 power dice and 6 dispel dice.

Heres a basic setup:

dire wolves------Ghoul1------Ghoul2-----Ghoul3
blood knigh-----va------CC----GG---CC---------
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