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I was wondering if anyone has tried an all infantry and knight army?
I am thinking of trying:

15 warriors MoK
15 warriors Mok
15 Wariors MoN
15 Warriors MoN
extra hnd wpn

5 knights MoK
5Knights MoK
5Knights MoN



sorcerer w/ 2 scrolls.

What do you think?
I will be going against Ogre Kingdoms.
If you have any good army list to go agaist ogres pls help!

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I would say this list is lacking in maneuverability, with all heavy cav and footsloggers. I personally would throw in some light cavalry, you can have a unit of 5 marauder horsemen with shields and throwing axes for 80 points. Your sorcerer also doesn't have too much in the way of protection, I think that he might be better off on a mount, allowing him to maneuver and stay safe, as well as the armour bonus. I think the main point I would raise though is that faster units could easily outmaneuver you and cause some damage. Might not be too much of an issue with Ogre Kingdoms, but you need to have some flexibility in case marching your warriors up the board doesn't work.
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