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Hej, this is my first time posting an army list:tremble:, and for the reasons of strange unit selections (khorngors) is because im very happy with how i converted them (khorngor samurais). This army is supposed to by a united herd from Cathay/Nippon, banded by their Beastlord that the locals have dubbed, Mèigé dhet Zhàn (Demon-Horns of War)

Mèigé dhet Zhàn's Warherd

Beastlord - 140 points - Fur of Sharrgu, Great Weapon, Heavy Armor, Horn of the Great Hunt, Shield

Bray Shaman - 160 points - Level 2 Wizard, 2x Dispel Scrolls,

Bray Shaman - 135 points - Level 2 Wizard, Staff of Darkoth

Wargor - 90 points//The Dark Heart, Additonal Hand Weapons, Heavy Armor

(20)Khorngors - 315 points// Full command, Mark of Khorne

5x(15)Beastherds - 525 points// Foe Renders, shields (10 ungors)

1x(10)Semi-Weak Beastherd - 75 points//Foe Render

2x(10)Weakling Beastherd - 110 points

5x(5)Warhounds - 150 points

(3)Chaos Ogres - 132 points// Great weapons, Heavy armor

(3)Dragon Ogres - 237 points// Light Armor, Great Weapons

2x Chariots - 190 points
-2249 points

So, main strategy is that ambush, despite its uselessness and effectiveness, it will always have psychological effects of forcing the enemy to stay away from edges thus reducing their outflanking effectiveness hopefully, make their advancement less daring, and attempt to kill your Beastlord to stop the Warhorn.

The warhounds and weakling beastherds advance the map screening/(if alive) charge with the chariots against targets. The ambusher units will attempt to outflank while the chariots/weaklings and warhounds charge the front. To gain reliableness, the Horn of the Great Hunt (+1 leadership for ambush rolls), combined with the Wargor with Darkheart and the less reliable Staff of Dharkoth to gank that unit you REALLY dislike.

Chaos Ogres and thair Dragonite cousins will go for the really tough targets requiring 9 str 6-7 attacks to knock out. Shamans will be the ranged arsenal, (changing between lores based on armies, i.e., Lore of Fire for ranged, Lore of Beasts for buffering, and Lore of Death for close quarters)

Fur of Shaargu on the Beastlord will give him a 2+ save against ranged attacks which i think is quite decent to keep him alive from things like waywatchers or thingsies hiding in difficult terrain. I dont know if its a good choice, but please criticise this one specifically as well.

7 dispel dice, 2x dispell scrolls and plenty of things to deal with gunline armies/small armies. Against melee oriented, i hope the outflanking will make the big difference here. Only problem is fear causing enemies and perhaps MoNurgle on characters will fix that problem.

Criticism is welcome and im new :D!
it seems my zeros have turned into cyclopses, and i forgot to add that semi-weakling beastherd is meant to ambush and screen something really really dangerous/goad things into charging them (hopefully a scary looking foe render model will make em think its a wargor without them asking XD)
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