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I'm working on building my first Empire army. I have a bunch of experience with the 40k system, but I'm a bit of a WFB noob.

The army will eventually be painted in Ostland colors, and carry banners with my family crest. ;Y (Black over white w/ 2 white roses on the upper half)

I'm building slowly. I thought I'd get some opinions, and try to pin down a list before I shell out all the coin.

Lvl 4 Wizard Lord, Rod of Power, AoT, Ring of Volans 295pts

Lvl 2 Battle Mage, 2 Dispel scrolls 150pts

Warrior Priest, GW, AoMI, Icon of Magnus 144pts

Captain, Pegasus, full plate, shield, Doomfire Ring 140pts

24 Spearman, shields full command 272pts
-9 Swordsmen
-9 Swordsmen

20 Swordsmen, full command 205pts
-10 Swordsmen

10 Vanilla Knights, lances & shields 230pts

10 Handgunners, Marksman, Long Rifle 105pts

10 Handgunners, Marksman, Long Rifle 105pts

10 Huntsmen

2x Great Cannons 2x 100 = 200 pts

Mortar 75pts

5 Pistoleers, musician, outrider, repeater 114pts

Helstorm Rocket Launcher 115pts

2250pts exactly- 133 models(including war machine crews)- 8 power dice/ 6 dispel dice

I was trying to build a defensive force that would be somewhat adaptable. I think I've got enough variety to make a game of it against any style army, but what do you think? Ideas to improve it? Am I exploiting? Weaknesses?

Help a rookie out ;)
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