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Baron Alaric von Neueburg (General) 170 pts
-Armor of Meteoric Iron, Sword of Might, Shroud of Magnus

Captain 183 pts
-Full Plate Armor, Battle Standard: Imperial Banner

Warrior Priest 146 pts
-Heavy Armor, Shield
-Aldred’s Casket of Sorcery, Sigil of Sigmar

Warrior Priest 143 pts
-Heavy Armor, Great Weapon
-Holy Relic

2x 30 Spearmen 290 pts
-Shields, Full Command (200 )
-Detachment: 15 Swordsmen (90 )

10 Archers 100 pts

12 Handgunners 96 pts

20 Flagellants 200 pts

20 Greatswords 255 pts
-Full Command, War Banner

Great Cannon 100 pts

Helblaster Volley Gun 110 pts

4 Ogres 166 pts
-Ironfists, Bellower

Grand Total: 2249 pts

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Looks like a nice army indeed. 4 solid blocks with some guns and ogres to back them up. If you plan on taking this list to tournaments however you should check whether the use of mercenaries (Ogres) is allowed. For the general tournament I've been in recently just 4 dispel dice is a very low magic defense.

I also think the greatswords could use a detachment. Maybe take 3*10 instead of 2*15 swordsmen. 15 men are basically a small unit and will be treated as such by the enemy.
The other thing you should know it that heroes on horses cannot be picked out off a unit by shooting anymore. This means that I would recommend a barded warhorse for your BSB. While it looks a bit strange it is really worth the +2 armour save.

Good luck
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