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Hi this is my first attempt on a Dwarf list making.

so here it is:

20 Warrior, shields, FC 205
20 Longbeards, shields, FC, RuoStoicism, Battle 315
10 Quarreller, shields 120
10 Thunderer, shields 150

20 Hammerer, shields, FC, MaRuGrungni 340
1 Cannon, RuoReloading. 100
10 Slayer, 2 Giantslayers 140
1 Cannon, 1 engeener, brace of pistols, MaRuoimmolation, RuoForging 175

1 OG 120

Runesmith, RuoStone, shield, Spellbreakingx2. 127
BSB, MaRuoGromril, Cleaving, Resistance, 160
Lord, MaRuoSwiftness, Resistance, Cleaving, Striking, MaRuoAdamant, Shield, shieldbearers 298


so what do you longbeards say about this list? C&C is greatly apreciated.

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It looks like a fairly interesting list, so I'll only comment a few things.

You cant have two lords in a 2.25k game. Only 1 is permitted.
Furthermore, I suggest you take the Rune of Striking off of him. Perhaps not a waste, but it could be better spend elsewhere.

Your Lord seems rather soft. I dont know wether or not you wanted to save some points, to get some more dwarfs or runic items, but he is perhaps not the biggest lord killaaahhh.....:act-up: He should perhaps stick with taking out rank and file models.

Consider dropping some artillery for more slayers.

A little trick. If you want your Lord in the hammerer unit, you dont have to buy all 20 models. He'll take two spaces anyway, so you're able to save some points there.

Hope I could help in one way or another :act-up:

Btw, if you're going to play this list in the near future, give a hint on how it went with the MroImmolation on your cannon :sinister:
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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