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2250 Temple of Khaine

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Dark Elves: Temple of Khaine.

No sorceresses due to the rivalry between Temple of Khaine and the Convent of Sorceresses.

Noble w/ Draich of Dark Power, HA, SDC- 130
Noble w/ Dark Pegasus, Lance, Shield, HA, SDC, Ring of Hotek-161
Assassin w/ 2 HW, Rune of Khaine, Manbane- 179

2x 12 Warriors w/ RXBs, musician- 137 (274)
2x 12 Warriors w/ musician- 89 (178)
5 Dark Riders w/ RXBs, musician- 127
6 Cold One Knights w/ command, Banner of Murder- 264
15 Executioners w/ command- 195
2x 15 Witch Elves w/ musician, standard, Hag w/ Manbane- 250 (500)
Cauldron of Blood w/ Hag w/ Manbane- 230

2238 Points, 2 Power and Dispel dice.

General (on foot Noble) goes with the Executioners. Noble on Peggy goes wizard hunting. Assassin hides... well, wherever I think is appropriate that game. The Xbows and Warriors are... well, bait. They block charge paths to the more expensive, elite units (Execs, Witch Elves, COKs sometimes), and then it's MSU. Cauldron goes as close to where I think the WEs will be as possible.

1st thought was to scrap a couple bait warriors for the Seal of Ghrond, so that I'd at least have 3 dispel dice.

Other thoughts? No magic. Oh, and it's meant to be fluffy, so any thoughts on that front would be appreciated as well.

2250 because that's the standard tournament size around here.
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I have to say that Witchbrew is a much better choice than manbane for the hags... as witchbrew negets most enemy CR bonuses.
For making your warriors more durable remove one CoK and the Dread Knight (as he costs plenty of pts and only gives one extra attack) and give all your warriors shields.
I suppose you'll give the executioners a 4x4 formation cause your general will be in it too? if not you can remove one executioner as well.
Without magic you'll suffer bad if you opponent have some good potentioal in magic so IMO a unit of harpies will help you more than the CoK unit. Like a unit of 10 harpies will only cost 130pts and are excellent mage killers. Ofcause you'll loose the only unit that hits hard at I order... but I seriously think that you're better of with the harpies if you face a army with 2 or more mages. If you take the harpies you can increase the numbers on you warriors as well to 20 and 16 an your non rxb units. But then ofcasue if you face a hard non magic army you'll be better of with your knights :p... it's your choice.
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Am I correct in thinking that Witchbrew does not negate enemy ranks (it says they negate outnumbering, but not ranks...) because that would mean enemies would still have +3 rank bonus a lot of the time.
yeah ofcause... but most unit blocks of 5-6 ranks are chance less against witchelves in CC , because to such units number is what they win combat with eg skellies, clan rats but most of the time they suck in CC and gets killed pretty easily, mostly they can hold up 'normal' rank and file units pretty good but against models with many attacks (eg. witchelves) they trend to die fast. The witchelves will kill like 1-2 rank of models every turn. But you don't want the enemy getting CR by flanking and rare etc... then it's a big chance you'll loose frenzy and probably make a run for it...
Ooh. Didn't realize. Ok, there's an extra 11 points, I only have 14 executioners.

Witchbrew, interesting... Well, against my main opponent, I'm not worried about getting flanked (Dwarfs). But I'll definitely have to consider that and playtest it.

And the Harpies is a great idea. But they're a special choice, and my specials are filled up. Although I guess I could get rid of the Executioners... but they're an aspect of Khaine!
I'm extremely attached to the COKs, both because I love the models and I love the unit. And I've already bought them. Otherwise I might scrap them. Damn. And I was all excited about the Harpies.

I could drop the RXBs from the Dark Riders, all the Warrior units down to 10 (remember, disposable), and add in a Beastmaster w/ Dark Peggy, lance, light armor, and SDC for a second mage hunter, and a 6th Dark Rider.

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