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I've been building my Skaven army alongside my flatmate's O&G army for some time now. Since the obvious power difference between the two he's starting to get discouraged with the greenskins and I'm trying to coax him into starting up Lizardmen instead.

We're going to run a few proxy games to see if he likes the feel but I'm very unfamiliar with the army. When I'm bored at work I'll pour over lists trying to fine tune them, so hopefully theres someone out there that wouldn't mind writing up a tailored list to go up against Skaven.

Heres a sample list of what my lists can look like, but I'll most likely be dropping the Hell Pit Abomination for a Warp-Lightning Cannon and bringing a more variety of wizards instead of loading up with Engineers:

The UnderEmpire -> 2250 Mixed Theme
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