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I'd keep at least 1 unit of khorne with flails in every army list. They don't always do good, but when they do good, they can win games. But if you want to give them a better save, give them LA, not shields as you can't use flails and shields in combat, but you can use flails and LA.

Slaanesh of knights only helps them against charging terror causers and the 5% chance they panic. The comp system seems to try and cut down on terror, like no double engines or double giants and never 3 terror in 1 list. I'd also drop at least 1 dog unit, if not 2. 2 units of dogs do wonders, I think 3+ start to clutter up your charge lines. That'll free points up for command and LA&Sh on the marauders.

Or use those points to at least get your warrior unit to 12 strong. 10 seems too weak. I know with the raptorous standard and BSB you have like 60% or something close to pass break tests, but I just think its a small unit.

Besides that I like the list. I usually don't run any infantry though, so I don't know how they fit in with your other units, but you should have enough firepower to force most armies to come to you.
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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