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Decided I dont like my Dragon/Magic list as its a bit too cheesy even for me :) So I'm thinking of the following list instead...

Exalted - MoS, Steed, BSB, Rapturous Standard, Flail, Shield
Exalted - MoK, Jugger, Axe of Khorne, Favour of the Gods, Shield
Sorc - 2 x Scroll

16 Warriors - MoS, Shield, Halberd, Musi, Std Bearer (chlamydia probably)
11 marauders - MoK, GWs
5 M. Horse - MoK, Flails
5 pups
5 pups

5 Knights - MoK, Std Bearer
5 Knights - MoS

Warshrine - MoS
Warshrine - MoS

Total: 2250

Valkia will probably deply with the warriors for a bit of protection but will end up flapping about causing havoc. the BSB with either deploy with the warriors or with the MoS knights depending on opposition. the other exalted will deploy with the MoK knights (of course) while the sorc hides somewhere

the GW marauders and the two warshrines will protect the flanks of the warrior block with the warshrines buffing up (probably) one of the knight units, with the re-rolls from valkia and the farting about with the roll from the favour on the exalted if that unit is targetted then good results should be inbound

the knights and the horsemen will assault the enemy flanks with the puppies preventing baiting

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