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So I've refined my latest WoC list somewhat and I'm pretty happy with it overall. Am interested in your comments though :)


Valkia (re-roll eotg, warmachine hunter, general bad-ass)
Exalted - BSB, Steed, MoS, Rapturous Standard, Shield, Flail (will join the warrior unit)
Exalted - MoK, Jugger, Axe of Khorne, Favour of the Gods (will join the Khorne knight unit, allows for more faffing with eotg)
Sorceror - 2 x Dispel Scroll (will hide in the marauder unit)


16 Warriors - MoS, Shields, Great Weapons, Standard, Musician
5 Marauder Horse - MoK, Flails (Cruise missile loadout)
11 Marauders - MoK, Great Weapons (flank protection, cheap core option, table quarter capture)
5 Puppies - baiter/redirecter/fodder
5 Puppies - as above


5 Knights - MoK
5 Knights - MoS


Warshrine - MoS
Warshrine - MoS

Also, for a more casual game I designed an alternate heroes section for when I want to play magic heavy. The core, special and rare slots are exactly same. I know I lose a lot of EotG synergy by dropping valkia

Heroes MkII:

Sorceror Lord - MoT, Disk, lvl 4, Armour of Morrslieb, Collar of Khorne, Spell Familiar, Bloodcurdling Roar (3+ ward vs mundane, 5+ ward and MR(2) vs Magic, 3+ armour save. Generally fly around and cause merry hell)
Festus (Will probably join warrior unit for regen & poisoned attacks)
Sorceror - lvl 2, MoN, Steed, Infernal Puppet, Favour of the Gods (will join MoS knights, allows for editting EotG for the unit)
Sorceror - lvl 2, Scroll, Book of Secrets (will join marauder unit)
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