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One of my regular army list with need some improvement. So please give some tips:)

Lords 323p:
Arch Lector on War Altar 323p
Mace of Helstrum
Dawn Armour

Heroes 440p:
Captain on Pegasus 161p
Pistol, Lance
Armour of Meteotic Iron
Dragon Bow

Battle Wizard in Knights IC 129p
Warhorse w barding
Lvl 1 Beast
Van Horstmans Speculum
Power Stone

Battle Wizard 150p
Lvl 2 Fire
2x Dispel Scroll

Core 515p:
30 Swordsmen 205p
Full Command
15 Free Company
15 Free Company

10 Handgunners

10 Handgunners

5 Huntsmen

Special 702p:
10 Knights IC 330p
Full Command
Standard of Arcane Warding

10 Pistoliers 197p
Outrider w Repeter Pistol


Great Cannon

Rare 225p:
Hellstorm Rocket Battery

Hellblaster Volley Gun

5 Casting Pool
6 Dispel + 2xDispel Scrolls

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First up, it's against the rules to post individual costs as part of GW's IP, so I request that you refrain from doing so in the future, particularly in a time where they're paying more attention to that kind of thing. That'd be appreciated.

Now, to your list, I think the main problem is units being too big. The swordsmen, by way of example, are almost big enough to form two decent-sized units. I'd consider splitting them into two units of 15, beefing each to 15. The detachments would also do well at nine each (in 3x3 formation) as it keeps them small and manoeuvrable, while meaning they can take a few wounds and still do their thing.

The pistoliers are the next unit I'd prune. Drop them to five- or six-strong would be my advice. A unit of 10, while lethal, is at the size that sees figures getting in each others' way and the unit getting hard to move around. As a rule of thumb, a unit of five or six with a musician is one of the best things you can do.

Personally, I'd recommend dropping the captain in favour of a mounted warrior priest (for the infantry or the IC knights). Characters, in my opinion, really aren't that great unless they're enhancing a unit, with a few exceptions - Ogre Kingdoms tyrant, WoC lord of chaos, WE Alter characters etc. The WP's hatred tends to work out alright with knights plus he can take an item or two that makes life easier for you/harder for your opponent (maybe even the Speculum that the wizard's carrying).

I think that's about it. Hope this helps :).

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I'd certainly replace the Pegasus Captain with a Battle Standard Bearer wearing Armour Of Meteoric Iron.

ArchonFarseerGuy's advice about the units of Pistoliers and Swordsmen being too big is completely correct. I also find that Halberdiers make good detachments for Swordsmen.
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