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2250pts no Comp Dwarf tournament list

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Need longbeard's suggestion for the list below. They will be taken to a no comp tournament.

Runelord w/ Anvil of Doom, RoStone, MRoDismay, RoSpellbreaking, sh, GW
Thane BSB, Strollaz, RoGuarding, RoCourage
Thane, RoCleaving, RoSwiftness, RoStone, RoChallenge, shield

10 Dwarf Warrior, sh
20 Longbeards, FC, RoSanctuary, RoBattle (BSB here)
10 Thunderers, sh

20 Hammerers, FC, RoCourage (Thane of Pain here)
12 Troll Slayers, std, mus + 3 Giant Slayer
Bolt Thrower, Engineer, RoPenetrating, RoBurning
Bolt Thrower, Engineer, RoBurning
Grudge Thrower, Engineer w/ Brace of Pistol, RoPenetrating, RoBurning, RoAccuracy

Organ Gun

Total 2249pts

Possible hard opponents will be Dark Elf with dragon and 2 hydras, 10+ PD ghoul blood knight VC, HE 10+ PD balanced units, Archaon led WoC, Empire with War altar + Stank, Lizzies 2+ Stegadon/EoTG + Slann, Bell+plague Furnace Skaven, Heavy Nurgle Daemons.

I chose to bring slayers because in the newer books, there is always terror causing monsters. I hope that the slayers could find their battle to seek death against these monsters. What do you think of the list? Should i bump the slayers by scraping unnecessary runes like challenge, dismay and sanctuary?
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First off this list looks fairly good.

Runelord is good perhaps the rune of stone isn't always necassary but it gives your Runelord just a bit more insurence against flankers.

Your BSB is fine and I don't see anything wrong with him but is he going into any units?

Your Thane has some good runes but what is he carrying, shield? great weapon?
Again is he going in any units?

I find that warriors work best in numbers of 20 with 4 ranks including front.
I can't really see your 10 warriors doing much damage unless they're acting as a detachment for a larger unit. Even so I think you should up their numbers.

Your Longbeards and Thunderers are fine.

The hammerers are good as well.

Your slayers aren't bad but I always take them in numbers of atleast 16 so they have a good combat static of about 4.

Your Bolt throwers are alright but I would reccomend drooping the bolt thrower with the single rune and put those points towards more warriors or slayers.

Your other warmachines are fine, don't change them.

Over all I think you have too much shooting and not enough detail in which units go where and what they're carrying. I think you should drop the thunderers for a unit of 20 warriors with great weapons. Also you should drop the bolt thrower with one rune
and get 16 slayers instead. That should leave you with 11 points to spend on runes.

Hope I helped
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1 - 1 of 3 Posts
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