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Hopefully my reply comes before the tourney lol. I've checked the replies in the Warriors thread, and none seem to address any real issues :S So i hope i can be of some help...

If you're going in to a doubles game, let each army play to its strengths. Perfect example is that you have Bestigor. To put it nicely, these guys suck :p Well, ok, they're not that bad, but a far better option would be for your teammate to take Chaos Warriors, designed to be able to take damage and dish out hurt in return. While hes doing that, you stack up on nice cheap beasty numbers, in the shape of beast herds. Let your skirmish assault combo nicely with the chaos' straight up power.

Minotaurs are a nice choice, but unless they're Nurgle then Light Armour is a waste tbh. Afraid i cant comment so much on the specifics of the WoC side of things, but overall as above, more numbers would be nice, it currently looks very small for a 2K+ force.
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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