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Got in a interesting game against the vampire counts.
My List was the following
Sorcerer Lord (Lvl4 with Tzeentch)
1+ Amour, 3+ ward (re-rolling 1's), Stubborn on barded demonic steed.

Exaulted hero BSB
on steed
He is -2 to hit with a 1+ re-rollable save

5 Khorne chariots
2 units of 5 dogs with vanguard

13 Nurgle Knights
Ensorceled weapons with Razor Standard
(this IMO is the only way to run knights now. Hitting on 5's with a 1+ armour is insane.

4 Skull Crushers
Lances, Flamming banner


His List
Lvl 4 Vampire on steed
S7, re-roll to hit, red fury etc etc etc (but no other tricksters shard interestingly)

Lvl 2 necromancer with dispell scroll
Wight king bsb on steed (with 1+ re-rollable save)

50 ghouls
2 units of 30 zombies (5 wide)
1 unit of skeletons (5 wide)
2 units of dire wolves

1 unit of 2 bat swarms
10 Black Knights
FC, +1 to hit banner


I deployed in a straight line so i will just say what i had from my left to right
Shaggoth...Chariot...Dogs...Chariot...Skull Crushers...Sorcerer Lord...Knights (with BSB)...Chariot...Dogs...Chariot...Chariot

HIs Deployment from my left to right (so what was facing off against each other)
Skeletons...Zombies...Ghouls...Tomb Banshee...Hounds...Bat Swarms...Black knights (with vamp and BSB)...Hounds...Varghulf
...Zombies (Behind Ghouls with lvl 2)...

We both vanguard our hounds and I steal 1st turn

WC Turn 1
I move i unit of hounds into the flank of his centre most hounds (so he cant see me but i can move into block his knights if i need.
Everything else just moves up cautiously.

In magic i get some stupid amount of dice (oh btw, in all the turns my 1 wizard can channel, I channel in all of them but 1 lol)
I cast the D6 SD6 magic missile at his centre hounds , hoping to pick off a few. He lets it through and i manage to kill a total of 0 hounds. Anyway i 6 dice infernal gateway at his knights, he fails to dispel and i kill 7 black knights. Anyway the get a 6+ regen (man tzeentch sucks, last time i take this ridiculous lore)

VC Turn 1
His turn he moves to block my knights with his center most hounds. His other hounds move to block/redirect my 2nd most right chariot

In magic he does nothing with either me dispelling or him failing to cast.

WC Turn 2
My 3rd most right chariot charges his hounds blocking my knights, and my 2nd most right chariot charged his hounds that are ment to redirect it so his varghulf can charge it next turn. And my skull crushers charge his ghouls (needing a 9 and rolling 9..awsome)
In other movement I move my dogs to block his black knights and then move my sorcerer lord behind the dogs so that his black knights would overrun into him and then my knights could counter charge. Everything else moves up

So in magic i try to cast glean magic on 3 dice. Totaling it, loosing 3 levels and doing nothing with the spell, ohwell, atleast he lives.

In combat i wipe out both units of dogs. My Skull crushers preform horribly, rolling so many 2's to hit (argh, why did i not take metal). Anyway i kill a bunch of ghouls but in return i take 5 wounds :/
Oh shit, do they need help soon.

VC Turn 2
His knights charge my dogs, who hold. Vargulf charges my chariot but fails. mwah hahaha. And batswarms charge my lvl 4
His zombies make a 14" charge on my chariot :/

In magic he gets back 3 black knights

His banshee shouts at the skull crushers or lvl 4 but does nothing

In combat, he wipes out the dogs and overruns into my lvl 4. I challange and he accepts with his vampire lord. (he actually said if he was playing competitvly he would have challanged with he wight king but i said if he had done that i would have ignored that unit and just tied them up as he wld never have broken my lvl 4 with him, but the vamp lord wld kill him eventually). Anyway we both do no wounds and i hold.
Zombies beat my khorne chariot in combat :/ , but holds
With the skull crushers, i kill like 2 guys with the guys ontop but he only does 2 wounds back (killing another 1 and dragging the 2nd down to 2 wounds. Anyway the juggernaughts are angry at this point and kill 6 more with stomp. I win and more guys crumble

WC Turn 3
My 3rd most right chariot charges his ghouls to support my skull crushers. and my furthest right chariot charges his varghulf (im not too sure why i didnt charge the other chariot in aswell)
knights counter charge his black knights (yay for no S6 black nights)
shaggoth charges his skeletons, chariot attempts to support but fails.

With no magic and shooting its just combat

My chariots and skull crushers obliterate his ghouls with the chariot overrunning into his lvl 2.
Shaggoth scores a mightly 2 hits, killing 1 skeleton and actually takes a wound in return. But i pull it back killing 5 with a thunderstomp.
Chariot in combat with his zombies looses by 1 but holds (this goes on for a long time so i will just stop mentioning it)
With the vargulf i do 2 wound to it taking it down to 2 or 3 wounds after combat res (he was in range of the bsb)
With the knights vs knights. He does 1 wound to my lvl 4. I roll terribly but still manage to take his black knights down to 2 knights and wight king after combat res.

VC Turn 3
Movement - None
Magic - Gets back 5 Knights from the lvl 2 (that guy will die this turn)
Shooting - banshee kills 1 knight
Combat - Chariot kills his lvl 2 and impact hits kill 3 or so zombies
Shaggoth hits twice (he will never hit more than twice). Still, i kill some zombies, i think i lose combat by 1 but hold
Varghulf vs chariot - nothing happens with both of us fluffing.
Knights vs Knights - he does nothing to my sorcerer lord and after combat res he is down to about 4 black knights + wight king.

WC Turn 4
Chariot charges his flank of the knights
Other Chariot charges in support of the shaggoth
Skull crushers charge in support of the chariot in combat with the zombies.

In combat nearly all his zombies/skeletons evaporate leaving just 3 of 4 guys in each unit.
Against the vargulf i lose combat and my chariot runs. he tests not to pursue.
With the Knights vs Knights: His vamp lord kills my sorcerer lord :( . However with combat res and everything else i manage to just crumble his last black knight (even with all his lucky 6+ regen rolls).
However his vamp lord is now out of combat and is now going to butcher my knights.

VC Turn 4:
Varghulf rear charges my chariot in combat with his knights.

Magic. He casts re-roll to hit. I let it through. He cast re-roll to wound. I dispel it.
He still has 3 dice left and instead of just not bothering to cast anything he feels he cant waste his dice and ends up totaling big invocation on his last 3 dice. The blast kills 1 of my knights, wounds his wight king and ends up killing his vampire lord. I actually felt so bad when this happened as realistically I probably cld not have won had he survived or it would have atleast been a draw.

In shooting his banshee does nothing

Anyway in combat i issue a challange to his wight king, so its bsb vs bsb. I do nothing and he manages to get 2 hits on my (even needing 6's to hit) and then get a killing blow on me, ending him. He wins combat, my chariot flees and gets caught by the varghulf. My Steadfast knights Hold
All other combat i end up winning

WC Turn 5
My chariots charge what they can (Bat swarms & Varghulf)
My 1 lone unit of dogs which has had nothing to do attempts a rear charge on his bsb in the hope combat res will kill him

In Combat His Varghulf and bat swarms both die
Against his BSB i just bounce, but he kills enough dogs to negate any crumble

VC Turn 5
HIs BSB eventually crumbles to dust.

Win for the warriors...Just
Very close game, but i feel also very tactical with both of us sacrificing units for time and just wanting to keep things tied up before they could do anything.

On a side note, How the hell do you beat the Vampire lord bus.

Anyway Unit Evaluation
Sorcerer Lord. Did his job as well as he could. I knew he would not have survived long and he would have died quicker if he had the other ticksters shard.

BSB: Got unlucky dieing to that killing blow and unfortunately that is what will kill him. Other than that. Again he did his job of providing combat support and static res to the knights.

Chariots: Frigging love them (when its not watch tower or banners). Being able to put out 6S5 attacks and 2S4 on such a narrow base and with T5, 3+ armour, fast moving aswell. Just love them. Great wizard/character assassins too.

Dogs: Again, did there job of not getting in my way and not allowing my opponent to charge what he wants.

Knights: Omg nurgle is so good on these guys its almost broken. Every1 says about how good nugle warriors are. Well now give them halberds and a 1+ armour and an extra WS3 S4 attack each. They just take so long to die, even when i was rolling so bad.

Skull Crushers: When they took 5 wounds from those ghouls i was starting to worry. My guys on top were down to S4 and all it would have taken was 1 bad roll for them to brake. Anway as it stood, they just have so many attacks that they cld just keep going, although having a chariot come into support did help.

Shaggoth: What a steaming pile of crap this thing is, honestly it cant even take on skeletons properly. Give me dragon ogres over this guy any day (well when i have the cash).

In this game i actually think everything went perfect and according to plan as best it could, I honestly cant think of what i could have done differently. I expected to lose my lvl 4 and it happened when i expected it to have happen, maybe he even survived longer than i expected. But that vampire lord is just so hard to kill, and this guy wasnt even done properly.

I think if his VC had not killed himself it probably would have been a draw. It really would have come down to banners and general points i think as really, all he wld have had left was his vampire lord, bsb and banshee (which survived all crumble test on Ld5).

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