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Good day Fello Longbeards!

Well I wanted to take a moment to discuss the use of a list that I built last week after reading through many of your excellent LO forum posts. As a passive member in the Dwarf section thus far it has been excellent to read through and digest the content that everyone has contributed to.

Ok so I used this list at a good sized 50 person competitive tournamnet last weekend and although I havent played WHFB in two years and was not overly familiar with the new 8th codex it still seemed to do well enough.

From the top of my head:
- Lord w/ Shield Bearers, shield, RoStone, GW, 2x RoFortitude
- Thane W/ BSB, MroGromril, GW, Banner of Grungni (5+ ward to shooting one)
- Rune Smith w/ Shield, GW, RoStone, RoSpellbreaking
- Rune Smith w/ Shield, GW, RoStone, 2xRoSpellbreaking

30 x Warriors w/GW and FC
30 x Warriors w/ GW and FC
10 x Thunders w/ Musician and Shields
10 x Thunders w/ Musician and Shields

20x Hammers w/ FC
Cannon w/ RoForging, RoFire
Cannon w/ RoForging

Organ w/ RoAccuracy, RoFire
Organ w/ RoAccuracy

so how did it do? Well 9th of 50 overall and 4-1-1 however two of the wins were only a minor victory and certainly could have played out not in my favour. Obviously opponent army, deployment, mission, etc are all key factors that are out of my direct control, however I felt that I lost a lot of the bonus battle points because I could not easily get Defender, Linebreaker, Table Quarters etc which seems to have been a lost opportunity.

Feedback on how I think units performed:
- Lord : fantastic! Not only did he only take a single wound the entire game but he in many ways preventedmy unit of Hammers from being completely stomped each engagement. He was durable and hit back with his GW.

-Thane BSB : Also fantastic! his 5+ ward versus shooting saved many a warrior and hammerer from nasty magic and shooty armies. His reroll for leadership checks was pivitol in each game as I rolled a number of 11 and 12's

- Rune Smiths: were embeded with my Warrior blocks and I was very happy to have S5 AP attacks against a hard hitting Ogres and WoC lists! They didnt add much in terms of hitting power themselves as I tried not to get them into the thick of the combat. However the Dispell Scroll and Magic Resistance did come in handy!

- Wariors with GW. Well I found out the hard way that they die in droves in general.... but they were very good as providing a flanking charge or holding my own flank versus a charge. The GW were definately needed as 4of 6 opponents had a lot of T5 models. I also dont think that giving GW w/ Shields would have been worth it as I also found out that they dont get Shield Wall in hand to hand because they are forced to use their GW... we should have the option to freakng select HW and S or GW ...

Hammers: equally weak as warriors with their 5+ AS ... they also seem to die easily if I dont get them into combat quickly. I realized that with a small unit of hammers that it is vital that I force my opponenet to allocate his attacks properly against my Lord and BSB instead of trying to attack my Unit with all models. This was my own mistake for not carefully examining the combat, but as a new player I was pissed that several veteran players were bending the rules... Owell, the Lord eventually absorbed 60% of the hits for most combats which he easily shrugged off. I am thinking of swithcing to IB's to allow me to have the 5+ parry ...

Thunders: Having shields was fantastic for that 5+ parry when being charged. As I used them on the flanks there was ALWAYS a fast moving heavy hitting charriot that would charge me T2. Having shields gave them a chance to survive the initial charge and then Warriors could move around to counter.

War Machines: Wow... saviors of the day!!!!! I can not overstate how well my cannons did overall from T1 and then the Organ guns did in general. I was able to remove key monsters, HQ's, Chariots, War Machines and even snipe at the odd Ogre/Troll block from the early game. If I had to choose between Cannons and OG I would have to say that Cannons made back their points twice over each game before being overrun by Chariots and other fast movers.

Well that is what I have for feedback about this list. I did recently buy a Gyro and am considering dropping it in the list to give me something fast moving with the potential to grab late game objectives and do some Harassing.

A small Story about my Cannons. Lined up against a very determined and fast moving WoC army for my 4th game, I was daunted by the number of Chariots and Mounted warriors I would be facing. As we were in a pitched battle scenario with just a scant 24" of neutral zone between us I felt the impending heat of battle bristle across my brow. In the middle of his army was a large block of Trolls led by a large Troll King (name starts with a T) who was absolutely murderous in close combat, I decided it was worth the chance to try and snipe him out. After lining up my shot into his block ensuring it would cross through his Leader I declared 10" from the back of 3 deep formation and rolled my dice. The first roll is a 4, direct hit on his leader! Second roll is a 6 and thus another two trolls are in jeaporady. He declares in a harty voice that he will take his 2+ Look out sir and confidently rolls away. After two bounces the dice plumets to the table and a ONE is facing both of us! In dismay he looks at me as I reach for my D6 and roll a 5 to wound and a 6 for Wounds! BAM there goes Throg or whatever his name is, off the board and into the side lines! What a shot! In six games the combined fire of the cannons took out 4 Leaders, 1 BSB, 6 Trolls, 7 Chariots, 7 War Machines, and probably many others. Certainly, they were the all stars of their games.

I appreciate your feedback and any thoughts you may have !


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Looks good man I love the dragon lord build (i call him that for his stats) sadly i think he never makes his points compared to a unit of the same value. I will be honest with you though i never leave home without my iron breakers I dont have hammers in my list just 2 units of iron breakers each with a rune priest in they never let me down.

Troll king is throgg my chaos list runs him as trolls in core rocks :p
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