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After many years I've gathered my throng again for a small friendly (we do play to win, but hold back in cheapness) tournament with 3 other players. I will be facing: Night gobbo's, Deamons (Khorne/Tzeentz) and HE (Balanced list, no purple sun cheese).


Dwarf lord: 266pts
Great Weapon, Shieldbearers (mr of steel, r of resistance, r of preservation)

Runelord: 315pts.
Anvil of Doom


Thane: 175pts
bsb(strollaz's rune, r of guarding)

hw & shield (r of stone) (mr of challenge)


39 warriors: 415pts
Great weapons, full command

14 longbeard rangers: 285pts
Great weapons, throwing axes, full command


18 Hammerers: 264pts
shields, full command

24 ironbreakers: 318pts
Full command

rune of forging

grudge thrower:130pts
rune of accuracy, rune of penetration

2401pts total

I will be moving forwards trying to get into combat. The Lord obviously goes with the hammerers. one of my thanes goes in the warrior horde and the other in the ironbreaker unit (depending on the army i play against. If the enemy has expensive cavalry moving down my flank i'll want to mr of challenge them with my horde.). Anvil is there to provide extra mobility for the whole army and vs the sreamers the deamon player will be using. The longbeard rangers are i bit risky, but i want to try them that way. If they get charged they can stand and shoot. Possibly a failed charge, if that happens they'll walk within 3" of the enemy and shoot again. And if the enemy charges again they'll stand and shoot again. If the enemy doesn't bother i'll flank with them. Cannon of course for big baddies (already did wonders against khorne buttcrushers. Killed a whole unit in turn 1) and stone thrower against infantry and sometimes monsters.
Please give me some feedback. I want to keep this army cc (with a few warmachines). Other than that, don't be afraid to be harsh.
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