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Vampire lord : 440
equipment: 3rd lvl
powers: dark acolyte, flying horror, ghoulkin
items: crown of the damned, sceptre de noirot, 2 powerstones

Vampire : 170
powers: dark acolyte, summon ghouls
items: 1 dispel scroll

Vampire : 180
powers: dark acolyte, summon ghouls
items: book of arkhan

17 ghouls : 144

5 fell bats

4 spirit hosts

5 wraiths


total: 2511
10 PD +book of arkhan+2 powerstones
6 DD +1 scroll

The main idea for the vampire lord is taken from the vampire builds thread ;Y
but i thought that having a flying lord could be still efficient for raising zombies around the enemy fast;
this avoids the problem that if i won't start first, maybe the enemy could throw things at the general, or engage him with a tarpit, or other painful events.
With the ability to fly, i could move it out of a unit only when it's my turn, and moving 20' it's easy to reach safe positions.

Then all the other troops are supposed to go as quickly as possible towards the enemy, and provide kills.

I chose ethereals as elite troops because they move faster than infantry and are much more likely surviving missiles and cc blows, while having the same potential as other slower troops.

By simple cost/efficiency statistics i refused to include black knights
(but blood knights could still be an option, what do you think?)

Cairn wraiths and the Varghulf should stay at the flanks, providing terror as an additional way to pack the enemies where i want them to be, and possibly to have them fleeing towards zombies or whatever.

Has this got any meaning?

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Flying Horror is pretty neat for the modelling possibilities.... however, you can take a Hellsteed for 10pts less, have room to take more vampire powers and get a +1 to your armor for being mounted. Just a thought... I'm considering doing it myself.

I'd also consider dropping a Fell Bat or a base or two off the spirit hosts (or even a regiment of ghouls) to give your Vampire Heroes some magic weaponry or armor.
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