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Greetings, I'm a store owner and we are starting to build up WHFB and since I have a huge chunk of stuff that I had purchased before buying my store, O&G seems like a hysterically funny list to play as one of our two store armies (I'm all for suggestions on the other, we are leaning to Skaven).

So, with that said, I have never played a single game of WHFB in my life...not one. I play 40K (Space Wolves), but never WHFB, always wanted to, but never had.

So what I will leave in your hopefully capable hands is the compilation of what we will use as the basis of a list for my store (Oregon Trail Games, in The Dalles, OR).

We'd like to do 2500 points, and other than that, I have very few requirements. It doesn't have to be super competitive, it's going to be a demo army for the store, so variety in models is almost better just to give people a chance to see stuff.

I know nothing about load-outs that are effective and whatnot, treat me like a complete newbie to WHFB (which I am). There are a couple of models that I have and would like to include because I think they are just awesome looking, so unless they TOTALLY suck, I would like to include the following:
  • Arachnarok Spider (give me a good load-out)
  • River Trolls
  • Savage Orc Boar Boyz
  • Squigs...god I just love squigs, they are hysterical, please add in squigs
Other than those, go nuts, make me a fun 2500 point army that will make people want to play WHFB and not totally suck. I will happily purchase/acquire anything that I don't have already, go nuts.

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Welcome to the site Terloch!! Sorry about the late reply!!

Welcome to Orcs and Goblins as well. You're right, they're a fantastic army to play as well as to look at. I'll do a rough break down on units for you..........

One of the most important models in our army is our General. For the most part the Leadership of O&G units is pretty pants so you need to keep this guy in the centre of the army and yo definitely need to keep him alive. At 2500pts you can easily grab an Orc Warboss (of any variety) and a LVL4.

Speaking of Magic, now, this really depends on what you want to include in your army. If you want loads of Savage Orcs then most people will take a LVL4 Savage Orc Shaman with the Fencers blades and the lucky shrunken head. He's pretty hard to kill and buffs his unit up nicely while he's at it. Personally though, I'm not a fan of Orc Magic, I find Goblin magic to be far FAR more effective so I usually take a LVL4 goblin shaman to do my main spell casting. Given the extra magical 'ooomph' you get from gobbling magic mushrooms is great (and funny).

Another of the most important models in our army is the BSB. You need to keep this guy alive so a decent ward save is never a bad thing (Armour of Destiny). I'd also keep him away from any challenge characters that might be around (Chaos Lords etc) as the poor git wont even stand a chance. Still, a Black Orc Big Boss is no push over and can crump heads easily. Another option is to grab a gobbo BSB and just hide him in a unit of 20 goblins behind your main fighty units.

Other than that, we're actually quite a rare army with this as, we can spam some very cheap and useful heroes. Loads of Night Gobblin Big bosses with Great weapons can be nasty in a unit of Night Goblins with Nets. You also have some cheap Wolf riding Goblin heroes who can go after enemy wizards, warmachines and chaff.

This is where it's at. Orcs!!! If you want Orcs you take Big'uns. No ifs, not buts. Normal Orcs are pants but big'uns smash stuff very nicely indeed. Savage Orcs are more hurty (being frenzied) and more durable (warpaint) but normal Orcs can have access to magic banners which can be very, very handy.

Night Goblins. Fanatics are one of our iconic units. They're great fun when they kill the enemy and our own units. However, if you're going to be serious i'd suggest leaving them home if you're leaning towards a more elite force. Normal Goblins are quite good, skulkas rock, but that's about it. Either types are good to field in units of 45+ unless you're using them to hide characters in then you can just go for 20.

Fast stuff! Wolf Riders are our best fast cavalry. Spider riders have some nice rules but wolf riders are faster......... and you want your fast cavalry to be fast.

Dear Gork we have an awful lot of units to talk about here. So I'll just talk about the best ones. TROLLS! Ok, trolls need to be near the general to be of any use to you what so ever. However, trolls are possibly the most destructive and durable units in the game for their points. Trolls out fight Khorne Warriors!!!. Go for units of 8+ if you want to break units apart. Units of 12 are where they really shine though.

Squiggs. Hoppas can be good for charging in random directions (great for hunting down fast cav). Units of squigs are pretty nasty but take lots of them as they die like, well, squigs.

Chariots. Goblin ones are cheaper and they hit just as hard. You can also take them in units.......... FILTH. they die like flies and are easy to panic though. Orc ones are tough as old boots (as you'd expect). Why not take both?

Boarboyz........ nah, too expensive. Look epic though.

Spear chukkas. Cheap ass bolt throwers? Sure why not! Goblins are BS3 so they're as good at shooting as a Dwarf and their bolt throwers hit just as hard. You can take 6 without breaking the bank and they'll be the bane of any monsters or heavy infantry/cavalry.

Trolls, either type are great but to be honest, the upgrade from normal trolls is too much. Stick to normal Trolls as you'll get more bang for your buck.

Pump Wagons. Take some. You wont be disappointed. Grab the spiky roller upgrade to splat stuff and you're good to go.

Shooty stuff. Doom Divashs are nasty against heavy cavalry but against cheap infantry they're pretty pants. Good for killing things like Daemon Princes though ;) Rock lobbas are decent enough monster killers (if they hit) but they're inaccurate so I probably wouldn't bother.

Giants. Giants are great but they're funny as hell and the look great. I take 3 at 3000pts because it looks awesome.

Manger squiggs. Basically Fanatics on speed. They'll kill anything they touch........ then they'll kill anything they touch which might be the enemy, might be you. Use at your own risk.

Arachnarok. Looks epic, shame it doesn't have the rules to live up to it. You wont auto lose by taking one but it's not points well invested in my opinion.

That's a very rough guide on our units. I hope it's useful and feel free to ask if you want anything expanded upon.
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