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Up for auction here is a Necron Army of over over 2500 points (give or take with upgrades). I have had this army for about a year. I like feel of the Necron look, and I am a fan of the Terminator movie series, so I painted everything with a very "Machine" look. This whole army, aside from the Monolith, fits in a pistol case that i am including in the auction. The case has been carrying the Necrons around since i got them and it has yet to break any pieces of a model. Now lets go over what is in this auction.

  • 35 Necron warriors- These models are the basic Games Workshop model with little (if any) modification done to them. They look like uniform Machine foot soldiers.
  • 10 Necron Immortals- These models I custom made out of a few different things. They look similar to the Games Workshop Immortals, but stand up right more and the Gauss weapon they hold is beefier.
  • 9 Necron Flayed Ones- The flayed ones are by far the most custome conversions I have in this army. I hand made the calws and skin. I like the look of these models the best.
  • 9 Scarab Swarms- Plastic Scarabs. Basic assembly. I did base these in sand to give them more of a unique look.
  • 10 Necron Destroyers- Assembled and painted to basic standards. Three flying bases broke off at the tip. This is a very common problem with any Games Workshop "flying" model.
  • 2 Tomb Spiders- Metal Tomb Spiders. One has two Claws, the other has a gauss weapon. One flying base is broke, again this is a common problem.
  • 2 Necron Wraiths- Metal Wraiths. Painted basic. They have been based in sand.
  • 2 Necron Lords- One is just the plain Necron lord from the Games Workshop Blister. The other Necron Lord is a conversion of a Destroyer lord with Warscythe onto a pair of Necron legs. The converted Lord has golden paint worked into him.
  • 1 Monolith- Basic Necron Monolith. Painted black then high lighted with a neon green.
  • 1 Necron Codex- Latest codex with little to no damage done to it.
  • 1 Carrying Case- Holds everything but the Monolith. Padded with an Eggcrate style foam and a custom removable foam tray in the bottom.
If you were to buy all this brand new from Games Workshop it would cost about $775. I am offering my army assembled and painted for far less.

I can not guarentee that the army will make it there with out any shipping damage. I am confident the case alone with absorb most if not all of the shipping abuse. I hate to this army go, but i must. Good luck and happy bidding.

If you have any question feel free to contact me.

Link to the auction is below.

Warhammer 40K Necron Painted Army 2500+ Pts - eBay (item 140363475673 end time Dec-05-09 10:44:00 PST)
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