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Hey guys! I have followed the thread for a long time and decided to post my new list for O&G. I play alot of dwarfs and empire so this army has been my surprise killer locally. I am however looking to take it to several big 2500 point tournaments and would like C&C just to help flush out my lack of competitive O&G experience.

I posted the wrong army list!
This was a WIP list and for that I apologize. When i get home I will re-post the correct roster which i dont have here. (which is actually legal to play). I couldn't figure out how to delete my thread so sorry for the inconvenience. Big shout out to Lucas for pointing that out!

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Hi mate, welcome to Orcs and Goblins.
Right so you seam to not like ward saves or keeping the bsb alive?
Bows on the biguns is strange. Extra hand weapon is best on them, also having a lvl 4 savage orc shaman insteed of wurrzag with the luck shrunken head will help.
You could also drop the goblin shamans, they are not needed and lvl1 wont get a lot of spells off even with the mushrooms.
turn the savage orc into the bsb with armour of silvered steel and great weapon, he will last longer and kill more than the gobbo.
Also you can't mix extra hand weapons and a magic weapon. you always use the magic one. Also why the black orc?
And why the iron cures icon? you can not stack the ward form the item and the war paint.
Drop the black orc, keep to the two savage guys.
Give the biguns 48 guys extra hand weapons and a big staba and full command.
Also units can not take a magic banner over 50 in this book and no goblin units can take a magic banner at all.
Give the 99 goblins netter and 3 fanatics and keep them hand weapon and shield and add the extra guy and run them 10x10

The other two units of night goblins can have standards and musicians also grab a fanatic each for them.
The special section looks ok, get more trolls with the spare pts, 8 is golden 4x2
Rare is also spot on. Use the goblin archers to protect the war machines.

Last thing now pal. You can not post the individual pts cost of units, upgrades or single models.
So for the doom diver it should be - xxx pts
Only if the unit contains an upgrade can you list the points cost, its part of the forum rules and keeps the GW legal team of the sites back.

I hope I have helped shed some light on the list and I also hope I didn't come across to hard on you.
The list was illegal and not stream lined or competitive mate.
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