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I'm going to start off by saying I've grown too used to using the army builder program and making an army with pen and paper is not my favorite.

So here is my first army list - I used a variation of the lord build from some of the discussions in the forums here.

Chaos Lord - MoT - Disk of T - Shield, Talisman of Endurance, 3rd Eye, Soul Feeder, Burning body, Hellfire sword (I realized later burning body was a waste of points)

Exalted Hero - MoN - BSB, Shield, Scaled Skin, Talisman of Preservation (I traded the Talismans so both characters would have a 4+ ward save not sure I would do that again)

Trolls x9
Dragon Ogres x3
Skullcrushers x3 banner and musician
Slaughter brute
Warriors of Chaos - MoN - Banner of Swift, Great Weapons, Full Command (Festus and BSB go here ran 6 wide)
Warhounds x5 Vanguard
Warhounds x6 Vanguard

So two games vrs Dwarfs

First game was against a gunline 3 cannons and lots of other shooting units, they sat on the back edge more or less and waited for my army to make it to them. The cannons were split across the table with one cannon a little forward of the other ones (ruin of exploding after its destroyed found out later) I took the Lord - ogres - skullcrushers and slaughter brute down that edge idea being I could hit the cannon and work down the flank. This ended up working.
My warshrine got blasted early in the game I never got to use it. The Slaughter brute and Ogres kept missing charges. My warhounds took vangurad only to be blasted by cannons turn one and one remaining hound ran off the board. My skullcrushers ran into a group of great weapon dwarfs who took them out in only two turns - It was very shocking. I had lost one to a cannon and the support failed the charge. The trolls took a long time to make it across the board to join in the fray and had taken a few hits from the cannons. So I think they only had three rounds of combat, and did ok. My group with festus and the BSB did great. The BSB took out a dwarf lord on shields - I was surprised he live that challenge.

Anyway it was a hard first game that I really only felt I won bottom of the 6th. The cannons and shooting took a huge toll but once I finally got into CC everything changed and I slowly cleaned up the stunties!

The next game was the 4th scenario I didnt change my army but the dwarfs changed (before they knew the scenario to a different lineup) So I didnt have many break points and the dwarfs took this to full advantage. They had a fast moving army with 4 horde groups all with great weapons. They had ambush-er group and some army advance ruin or ability. So turn one move and counter move then nothing else. Turn two dwarfs crash into my BSB unit and DESTROY it BSB and Banner man lost when unit breaks and I lose the game turn two one combat. Not the best ever.
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