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This list is for a 3 round tournament, my first. I haven't played much 8th Ed and/or newest O&G book, but here goes nothing:

Lords (623 pts)
- Savage Orc Warboss w/Battle Axe of the Last WAAAGH! (250 ) = General
- N. Goblin Great Shaman lvl 4 (175)
- N. Goblin Warboss w/Great Cave Squig, Spear, Armor of Gork (198 )

Heroes (439 pts)
- N. Goblin Shaman lvl 2 w/"flying carpet" (135)
- Savage Orc Shaman lvl 2 w/Lucky Shrunken Head (155)
- N. Goblin Big Boss BSB w/Bad Moon Banner, G. weapon, L. armor, Shield (113)
- N. Goblin Big Boss w/G. weapon, L. armor (36)

Core (662 pts)
- Savage Orcs x22 w/FC, Big Stabbas, AHW (253)
- Orc Arrer Boyz x15 w/musician (115)
- N. Goblins x48 w/spears, FC, Netters, 3x Fanatics (294)

Special (225 pts)
- N. Goblin Squig Hoppers x10 (***)
- Goblin Spear Chukka x3 (***)

Rare (550 pts)
- Arachnarok Spider w/flinger (320 )
- Doom Diver Catapult (**)
- Rock Lobber (**)
- Mangler Squig (**)

So I know the list is very character heavy, but two of them are basically missiles. The NG on Giant Cave Squig joins the other squig hoppers, and then he heads straight at an important enemy unit. The NG Shaman on "magic carpet" flies out to the flank for a 6 dice casting of Curse of da Bad Moon at the enemies flank. The Orc Arrers are for War Machine protection. All of the Savage Orcs are in the same unit. All other NG characters go into the Large NG unit.

Any tips, pointers, or changes that you can suggest would be very helpful.

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Come on, any one see any glaring mistakes or horrible choices? The tournament is this weekend, so I will have to make changes quickly if I need to.
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