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Thank you for reading my post. I am getting back into Warhammer Fantasy after not playing since 7th edition. I am going to purchase an army and begin painting and I would like to discuss army lists before I begin randomly purchasing miniatures. My army doesn't need to win first place a tournaments, but merely needs to be fun to play yet effective enough to win half my battles.

I am not certain that the long empire gun line is really for me and so have avoided one here. I've tried to put together two hammer & anvil armies here and both can be found at

One of the armies is Magic Heavy, the other Magic Light. I'd like to model the Greatswords up with scythes as Morr cultists. I'd like to put both generals on Morr Altars. For the list that has Demigryphs, I'd like to paint them as crows.

I have never played Empire and have yet to play 8th edition. I'd really like to know if either army is at all competitive and if I'm making any major mistakes.

Thank you again for reading.

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Hi welcome to the empire and welcome to 8th. Right first thing I will say is you have put a lot of points into characters and as a result the rest of the army lacks and that is on both list. Also Lvl 2 wizards are not really worth it unless you are under 100 pts, a Lvl 4 will do you much better. Also empire really need to hold the battle line and you have no captain bsb. At 2500 pts you just don't have anything to deal with some of the silly list out and about. Also a Character on a chariot is never a good idea, on the charge you are golden after that you will give in to static combat res.


Arch lector- 204
Heavy armour
Fencers blades
White cloak of ulric
Helm of the scaven slayer

Wizard lord- 255
Lvl 4
Death(this is very short range so you may wish to rethink this)
Dispel scroll
Talisman of endurance


Captain- 141
Full plate
Enchanted shield
Talisman of preservation

Wizard- 100
Lvl 2

Warrior priest- 120
Great weapon
Armour of meteoric iron


39 Swordsmen- 303
Full command

Inner circle knights- 484
Banner of swiftness
Lance and shield


Great cannon x2

29 Greatswords- 395
Full command
Razor standard

4 Demigryth knight- 252
Lance and shield

This is a good well rounded list in my opinion of course. I would most also go for another lore rather than death, Beast may be a good idea.
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