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After some deliberation, and a general lack of desire in doing a lot of painting, I've decided to bring my Ogres to a local tournament which will be held sometime in early Dec (don't have the exact date yet). I've never played in a 2500pt tournament- 2250 being the standard the last few years. I figured I would just expand on the 2250 that I've been using this year. See what you all think. Comments are welcome, my only real reservations are that I won't be too open to a Scraplauncher (don't have-would want to convert) and I don't imagine they will allow Rhinox Riders.

Also, this tournament will have a composition score, but I don't know if its based on anything, and I don't know who judges it (ie. opponents/judge).


Tyrant: HA, Ironfist, 2xSword Gnoblars, Luck Gnoblar, Sword of Striking, Giantbreaker, Greedy Fist, Wyrdstone Necklace -328

This guy is a BEAST. He kills rank and file aplenty, and helps add much reliability to the odd fluffed charge from his supporting unit. Often he tag-teams with the Maneaters, but in truth, none of my characters have set units, and often switch depending on the opponent. He can do basically everything in any situation except kill lots of models with high armor saves.


Bruiser: HA, Tenderizer - 184

I have found him to be a good alternative to a Tyrant that doesn't have the big T. He's perfect for taking down DE Hydra's, and has many uses with less risk from a points perspective.

Butcher: Bangstick, Dispel Scroll - 180

At tournaments, I have found this to be just enough magic to do what I need. I sometimes wish I had a second butcher (1 in 5 games), but generally appreciate the extra bodies it afford me more. 3DD is just about enough to stop the one really threatening spell per turn.


4 Ironguts: Standard w/Rune Maw banner, Bellower - 242

If someone does have offensive magic that is dangerous enough to be a threat, then I stick the necessary characters in this unit, and place a Gnoblar fighter unit behind. If the opponent has little or no magic, then the Gnoblars can do other things, and I can feel good that I spent less than 50pts overall on magic defense.

4 Ironguts: Bellower - 202
4 Ironguts: Bellower - 202

Very useful and very flexible, we all know the bonus these guys have.

4 Bulls: Light Armor, Ironfists, Bellower - 182

I find this unit a nice change to the usual 'naked or XHW' bull unit. They can do very nicely against low strength, low armor, T3 units. Otherwise I often use them as baiters, and they give opponents a little troube because their not quite sure how tough they are. Often, they will get more shooting attention than Ironguts.

4 Bulls: Extra Hand Weapons, Bellower - 166

Pretty standard bull unit. I like all my Ogre units in 4 max because that means they can always rally. Also it means that if I stick 1 character in the unit it takes 2 casualties before the unit has to take its first panic test - not easy when wound randomization comes into play.

25 Gnoblars -xx
25 Gnoblars -xx

As stated before, depending on magic, one unit may hang out behind the Ironguts. Otherwise, they can contest table quarters and often detract little flying units who head for march-blocking (charging OR shooting). Also, they can shoot big nasties (large targets under T6) that land near my lines. I like 25's because it means 7 casualties before the first panic test, and becuase I deploy them as a 5x5, which means they still keep their ranks when performing a 'turn' maneuvre to throw sharp stuff at skirmishers/flyers that have gotten too close.

9 Gnoblar Trappers -xx

I think we all know the usefullness of this unit. I take 9 because the minimum is 8 and adding one more means it takes 3 casualties for a panic test. Always a worthwhile choice.


3 Yhetees - Champion - 215

At 2250 I wasn't taking this unit because of its low leadership (too low for the points they cost). I think at 2500, their additional speed and magical attacks will really add something to my army. Generally, I have bad luck with them when it comes to panic tests, and they usually don't rally. I try to mitigate this by taking the champion for wound randomization. Hard to say; I might enjoy a unit of 3 Leadbelchers with Champ and Bellower better. On the flipside, I did do a pretty good job painting this unit.


Slavegiant - xxx

Taken partly because I had to, but also becuase he adds that random element to my list that is currently lacking. He often dies from shooting (which saves my more valuable units), but he has single-handedly won tournament games for me. I love it when he 'Yells and Bawls' at an elite unit out of the generals range, they fail their break test and I run them down without having ever caused a single casualty!

3 Maneaters: Heavy Armour, BoH - 270

While expensive, this unit does something no other Ogre unit does... its Immune to Psychology! Against shooting heavy armies with no cannons/stonethrowers I have been known to stick all 3 characters in this unit. Its juicy for points, but it won't panic, and due to wound randomization, you often make very little progress in killing models. Also, I have caught so many opponents to first turn shooting with the handguns-the list includes: Panicing a unit of 2 Salamanders, Killing a once-wounded Butcher (who was by himself), killing RBT crews (more than once!), the list goes on-and that's only first turn kills! Then in combat the unit is just a meat grinder. Often I run the Maneaters next to the Giant. Want to guess who gets most of the shooting attention? The Giant!

Total: 2500

Anyway, I'm up for suggestions. I'll try to see if I can add some more tactics at a later time. Thanks!
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