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I am attempting a list that can be successful in most situations if played properly against a given opponent. The ability to deepstrike a squad of immortals and the two Doomscythes if need be should help with taking objectives.


Anrakyr the Traveler 165
Chronotek 40
Veiltek 60
Cryptek-HotS 25
Lord w/ Warscythe, MSS, ResOrb, Weave 115

Overlord w/ Phaeron, Tachyon Arrow 140
Lightningtek (Joining Eternals squad) 35
Pulsetek (Joining Immortals squad) 55

10 Immortals (Upgraded to Eternals by Anrakyr) - Overlord will usually join post-deployment
10 Immortals + Nightscythe

Fast Attack:
5 Wraiths, 3 WhipCoils
5 Wraiths, 3 WhipCoils

Heavy Support:
2x Doomscythe 350
Doomsday Ark + 175
+ 525

I have the two tachyon arrows (one with chrono re-rolls) if I need to take out an anti-air vehicle. The plan is to use cover and take advantageous positions slowly at first, then use the veiltek to position the command unit such that I can take out or tie up any threats that get a bead on my troops or wraiths. Hopefully the good mix of assault and ranged options with high mobility will be able to out maneuver opponents and keep the individual units from being overpowered.

I'll want to get the wraiths and command squad to attack a weak flank while slowly whittling their forces away using the troops and heavy support. I have several variants on this list that scrap the ark in favor of an Annihilation Barge and full wraith squads, or some warriors in an Ark and another Veiltek.

Comments and criticism please!
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