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Hey all, Just wanted some critique on this list.

Warboss, Cybork, 'Eavy armor, PK, Combi skorcha, attack squig, bosspole, 125 (leads troop-nobs)

Big Mek, KFF, Burna, Cybork, Eavy armor, 120

9 nobs, 1 painboy, Cyborks, stikk bombs, 3 PKs, Waaagh banner, 4 big choppas, 1 kombi skorcha, 2 bosspoles
Riding in: Battlewagon, Deff rolla, red paint, wreckin ball, boarding plank, armor plates, 4 big shootas, 559 (with the warboss)
30 boyz, 1 nob with PK and bosspole, 3 big shootas, 1 rokkit launcha, slugga/choppa, 245
11 boyz, 1 nob with PK and bosspole, trukk with red paint, (slugga/choppa) 146
20 grots, 2 runtherds, one with a grot prod, 85

9 kommandos, Boss snikrot, 2 burnas, 205

Fast Attack:
3 deffkoptas, 3 TL rokkits, 135
6 warbikers, Nob with PK and bosspole, 190

Heavy Support:
3 Killa kanz, 3 rokkit launchas, 150
2 kannons, 40

Total: 2000 even.

What I mostly want to do is move everything to the front as fast as possible, while using Kanz and Koptas as mobile fire support, and kannons as tank hunters, leaving the grots on my side table quarters/objectives.

Any CnC is welcome!

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For 2000pts it doesn't seem like you have that many models. In my 1750pt list that I run I have 2 Hqs, 18 models in elites, 93 models of troops, 3 heavy (killa kans), 2 trukks, battlewagon and looted wagon. Total 116 models and 4 vehicles. with an extra 250pts you have 94 models 2 tanks and 2 heavy weapons, so less then mine with more points.

HQ--good as is really the on of the best set ups

Elites--kommandos look good, I have never used them but that unit config. should do good

Troops--Your nobz are too expensive and not well equipped. Your warboss has a boss pole and then you 2 more in the unit? Drop 2 of them. If you are trying to make it so each one is unique, for wound acollation then drop it on the Warboss. Also all those big choppas aren't the best for most things you fight the S5 on the assault is good enough.
Boys--Only 2 units in 2000pts is way too low. I run 5 units in my list. First you can only have 3 big weapons in your units so drop the rokkit launcha, and I prefer shootas in footsloggers but in groups of 30 slugga/choppas work well. The trukk should have reinforced plates so it can move more and a reinforced ram to move through terrain and tank shock.
Grots--drop the unit to 10 then they are small enough to not be bunched up in a small terrain piece, also i have never seen units larger than 12 used (except apocolypse)

Fast--Deffkoptas are best in groups of 5, with 3 one of them dies and you have to make moral checks constantly. Warbikers i have only seen in as nob bikers or with multiple warbiker units.

Heavy--Killa kans are best with kustum mega-blasters or grot zookas, Drop the kannons and add more boys

Hope it helped

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You have one too many special guns in the unit of 30 boyz. 3 is all you get. Never mix the weapon types, either use all big shootas or rokkits (I prefer the big shootas).

The unit of nobz is too overloaded. I'd only use 7 with 2-3 powerklaws, and I'd drop all the big choppas (they're lousy). Also, why 2 bosspoles? You can't re-roll a re-roll, so it doesn't do anything for you. I'd add at least one more combi-skorcha to the unit.

I'd try and find a way to squeeze another unit of trukkboyz into the list, even if it means cutting out the deffkoptas or the KFF.

Split the grots into 2 units. There's no reason to bunch them together.

I'd chip in the extra few points to give the killa kans some kmbs. The AP2 really helps, especially against monstrous creatures and terminators.

Good luck!
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