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Ok, second two lists I drafted up. Without further ado;

Tomb King. Chariot, Light Armor, Shield, The Blade of Mourning, Crown of Kings.


Liche Priest (Hierophant)- Cloak of the Dunes, Dispel Scroll
Liche Priest- Skeletal Steed, Staff of Ravening
Tomb Prince- Chariot, Great Weapon, Chariot of Fire

20 Skeleton Warriors (Hand Weapon, Bows) Standard Bearer, Musician
5 Skeleton Light Horsemen
15 Skeleton Heavy Horsemen, Standard bearer, Musician
3 Chariots, Standard Bearer, Banner of the Undying Legion
3 Chariots, Standard Bearer


1 Tomb Scorpion
4 Carrion
3 Ushabti

There you have it. Unlike the first list I posted which is reactive in nature, this list rewards making charges rather than receiving them. This list includes a big percentage of fast moving units, a hefty magical investment, a decent amount of ranged capability, and some heavy hitters, so you're equipped to make big plays in each phase of your turn. The downside is that this list is quite fragile, only 2 units in the army have a healthy static CR to fall back on, and nothing in the army is especially well-armored or tough, so the army requires careful tactics and placement to get your money's worth from its phenomenal offensive capabilities. I'll break it down unit by unit. but first, a note on characters-
The Tomb King should be placed in the unit of charioteers with the magic banner.
The Tomb Prince should be placed with the other charioteers
The Hierophant should wander on its own, making best use of the cloak of the dunes. If you fear heavy missile fire, place him in or behind the unit of Skeleton archers.
The secondary priest should be placed in the unit of light skeleton horsemen.

King's Charioteers- With the added fighting powers and incantations of the Tomb King, as well as the potential extra staying power from the Banner of the Undying legion, this unit has the capacity for serious destruction. Since it lacks the unit strength necessary to autobreak (35/36 times anyway, *&^%ing insane courage rule!) ranked up units units on its own, the Blade of Mourning comes in extremely handy. Want some fun? Try righteous smiting on the turn you charge for extra casualties. Position a charge well enough and you might overrun into that rare but sweet second round of combat and impact hits.

Prince's Charioteers.- Almost as powerful as the above unit but less magically potent, 3 light chariots and a standard are still excellent for taking out support units, and flank charging. The prince adds some good hitting power with +1 st from the great weapon and extra impact hits from the chariot. Try positioning them close to either of your liche priests to maximize their movement, and don't forget that they have bows. 3 s3 shots that only hit on 5+ realistically don't do much, but you'd be surprised how many players I've seen forget to take them. You might get lucky and take a model out, who knows?

Skeleton Heavy Horsemen.- WS 2 and S 4 on the charge hardly amount to much, essentially just a unit of fast moving skeletons. But with 15 mounted models sporting decent armor, this unit can apply staying power and pressure. Like the chariots, position them near either of the liche priests to maximize their movement so you can carry their high numbers and static combat resolution to where they're most needed.

Skeleton Light Horsemen. -Basically a cheap bodyguard for the mounted priest but not entirely without other uses. The priest's staff of ravening greatly augments the unit's ranged capabilities, and an incantation for extra movement can set them up for a flank charge if one of your units needs support in combat. They won't do much (if any) damage in combat on their own, but negating the enemy's rank bonus and getting that +1 for flank charging can go a long way toward ensuring you win combats. Their maneuverability can also be used to position them in the way of fleeing units.

Skeleton Warriors.- Missile support, but also able to be reformed into a 5x4 block to take advantage of static CR. They won't win on their own (they're unarmored skeletons after all) but with support from one of your heavy hitting units like the tomb scorpion or ushabti, they can break most enemies.

Tomb Scorpion. -one of the most unbelievably useful support units in the Tomb Kings arsenal. In this list it can be used a couple of ways. I would opt to deploy the beast on the flank of either the skeleton bowmen of heavy horsemen in order to provide kills to help them win combat. If you're facing an especially shooty army though, it can be worth the risk deploying the scorpion underground to take out war machine crews or tie up missile troops and keep the heat off your charioteers.

Ushabti.- Striking at initiative with strength of 6 make ushabti good can-openers. Combining a charge with the tomb scorpion or charioteers can shred an impressive number of enemies, or you can deploy them alongside the skeleton warriors to set up a hammer-anvil scenario when the archers reform into a block.

Carrion.- Extremely versatile. Aside from having the speed to keep up with the rest of your fast moving units, they also serve kill off enemy war machine crews that might otherwise threaten your charioteers. Enemy wizard-hunting is also a good use for them since the more spells you get through in the magic phase, the better. Finally, they can march-block and cut down fleeing units once they're behind enemy lines.

The magic capabilities of this army bears discussion. Every turn, you let loose 2 bound items, The prince casts 1 incantation, the tomb king casts 2 incantations (made slightly more powerful by the Crown of Kings), and each of your liche priests casts an incantation. Thats 7 spells per turn (spells cast no less, not attempted to cast). Magic should factor heavily into your strategy since any opponent would be hard pressed to deal with that amount of magic being pumped out every turn. Don't waste any spell, even in situations where you don't feel there's anything useful you can do (like THAT ever happens) you can always use that extra wound healed or even an extra 3 shots from your charioteer bows. Don't ever forget your priests have magic missiles at their disposal too. Steamroll the magic phase and be proud of it, because thats what ultimately adds speed and hitting power to the army.

Comments and advice are greatly appreciated.

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Your TK could do with some protection, as hes aiming to get into combat. The Collar is a great choice. Look at mounting him in a Chariot too, in an offensive list, its no use hving your main man so slow on foot.

Definitely need to max out on your Characters, with just a TK and 2 Priests your magic wont get you far, and magic is key to the Tomb King army. Get a Prince in Chariot, or another Priest, mounted.

Also look at filling up on Specials, id say get another Scorp. Rares arent so important, with the Casket and SSC not being such good choices in an offensive list, and the Bone Giant isnt such a good choice anyway.

Also, again, only one of each magic item, so one UDL banner must go.

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Thanks for catching the tomb king error. the list DOES mount him in a chariot, I forgot to say so above but I've edited. As far as his protection is concerned having him in the unit with the magic banner gives him the potential to restore wounds. Also, even though I havent maxed out characters I've thrown in the bound items to compensate. Having the extra prince would tip the magical scales even further which could be a lot of fun bit a big risk since it comes at the cost of shaving a little bit of everything else off the army. I'll see what others think, and definitely consider it. thanks for the tip and especially for catching my mistake w/the tomb king
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