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The list is fine as is. Corsairs and executioners of course a bit weak, but that isn't something that matters unless you are playing against very hard lists.

Since you are running one of the wizards in a block of warriors, it might be worth it to give her the dagger. Power stones are kind of pointless when you have PoD and extra bodies.

I personally don't like the dread lord that much here. He really doesn't hit hard enough to justify his 225 points. He is a bit hard to kill, but not as hard to kill as he could be. I would just go with a master with a pendant and great weapon. At most it should cost around 129, and all you are losing is 1 attack and 1 leadership and 1 WS. As for what you should spend your nearly 100 points on... shades cost 90 for 5 with GW. Or you could shave off some points elsewhere (probably the corsairs) and upgrade one of the wizards to a Supreme sorceress.
1 - 1 of 2 Posts
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