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Here is my first list, please advise on improvements

Ironcurse Icon 255

Great Weapon
Heavy Armour
Enchanted Shield 125

Dispel Scroll
Power Stone 165

11 Ironguts
Standard of Discipline
Bellower 508

6 Leadbelchers 258

6 Leadbelchers 258

6 Leadbelchers 258

Iron Blaster 170

Total: 1997

General Idea is pretty simple, everything moves forward with leadbelchers taking down any other ranged/artillery and skirmishers. Ironblaster takes out monsters and artillery, Ironguts go for best combat units they can find, Slaughtermaster and Bruiser go with the Ironguts and the Firebelly goes into a unit of leadbelchers and spams fireball unless better spells available.

What do you think for a tough, shooty gunline.
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